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Sussex county

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Warren county

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Fiddlers Elbow

This classic killer climb is out west in New Jersey between Belvidere, Washington, Philipsburg. The climbing is split into two parts.

Roxburg Hill Rd -- 180 vertical feet at an average grade over 12%.

rest break: 0.2 miles flat on Ridge Rd

Fiddlers Elbow Rd -- main climb is about 530 vertical ft total in slightly over 0.7 miles. Includes a 130 vertical ft section at about 20% grade. Overall average grade is over 12% on main climb.

After the main climb it rises less steeply, then a slight dip before intersecting with Harmony Brass Castle Rd, then can continue climbing a ways up that road.

Total climbing: 925 vertical ft including all of Roxburg Hill Rd, all of Fiddlers Elbow Rd, and a section on Harmony Brass Castle Rd. [last checked June 2008]. 710 vertical ft if count only Roxburg Hill Rd and the steep main climb section on Fiddlers Elbow Rd.

Directions: The very bottom of the hill is where Roxburg Hill Rd and Route 622 cross Route 519. (Take Route 519 about 7.9 miles north from Route 22 or 5.7 miles south from Route 46). Start by climbing steeply southeast up Roxburg Hill Rd (about 190 vertical feet on its own). After 0.25 mile make a sharp Left onto Ridge Rd, and in 0.25 mile turn Right onto Fiddlers Elbow Rd for the main climb.

The top of Fiddlers can also be reached by going over the top of the ridge from Washington: From Rt 31 go west on Rt 57 for 1.3 miles. Turn Right on Rt 623 (north toward Brass Castle) and go 1.4 miles. Turn Left on Rt 647, Harmony - Brass Castle Rd, and go 3.6 miles. Bear Right (a sort of half right) onto Fiddlers Elbow Rd.

Hunterdon county

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Somerset county

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Bergen county

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Skyline Drive

Connects Oakland NJ (in northwest Bergen County) with Ringwood NJ (in eastern Passaic county).

Going south from Ringwood, there's an initial climb of 275 feet at 6% grade, then a downhill, then the main climb of about 540 feet at an average steepness of about 8% grade.

Going north from Oakland and Interstate-287 on Skyline Drive, I calculated about 610 feet with average steepness around 8% (though perhaps it starts gentler than that, then gets steeper as you go up).

Lots of motor vehicle traffic. The south end of Skyline Drive is an exit on Interstate-287, with several crossings of exit and entrance ramps required. Surprising to us when we tried it during the summer, we didn't get much view while riding on the road up there on the "skyline", or while climbing up in either direction -- just some glimpses on the way back down. [not checked by us since 2002]

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