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traveling between Newark NJ into New York City by human muscle power the whole way.

Most longer routes across New Jersey avoid riding this stage, and instead recommend taking the train between Newark and NYC. But the traffic interaction on this route is not worse than some other roads on tours across NJ -- and some it is more interesting (and some prettier) than many other NJ touring stages. To me it just seems defective to do a long tour across New Jersey and not riding into New York City across the George Washington Bridge over the mighty Hudson River.

The routes in each direction are slightly different, due to the need to handle one-way streets and certain traffic interaction situations.


Lots of variety, some flat, some long-ish moderate climbs, some short steeper climbs. Some bigger and smaller rivers and bridges. Crowded city streets, quieter streets, and a long road through a pretty park. Highlights: riding the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River, Branch Brook Park in Newark, the little bridge over Overpeck Creek, and the jets taking off from Teterboro airport.

Newark to NYC

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about 28 miles, with about 1325 vertical feet of climbing.

Mostly gentle hilliness (or flat), but a several significant climbs. Biggest climb is about 230 vertical feet with average steepness around 4-5% grade (but including some shorter steeper sections).


NYC to Newark

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about 27.5 miles, with about 1150 vertical feet of climbing.

Mostly gentle hilliness (or flat), but a several significant climbs.  Toughest climb is about 90 vertical feet with steepness around 8-10% grade.



busy city streets in Newark, Fort Lee, and Manhattan.


two-lane roundabout / traffic circle at intersection of route 46 with Bergen Turnpike in Little Ferry.


Route 46 bridge over the Hackensack River


Broad Ave (route 1+9) in Ridgefield


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connecting with start and finish

Newark Penn Station


Newark other bike routes


Fort Lee




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