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Tirol / Tyrolia

Zillertaler Höhenstrasse

09sept - (or Hoehenstrasse or Höhenstraße)

Description on Bikely: Scenery puts it in the "top ten" of European mountain roads. Big views to distant snowy peaks, close to above-tree-line fields and cows, down to pretty valley . . .  and more from this "balcony" road above Zell am Zee. The "balcony" views are sustained for at least 10km, which is much longer than most mountain roads. But it's a long steep climb to get up from the valley to this view road. I think the way to get the best views with the least work is by doing the section between Aschau and Hippach. For more details see www.roberts-1.com/b/x/at.

After the initial main climb up from Aschau I tried continuing the climbing north toward Zirmstadl, but it didn't seem like what I was looking for, so I turned around and then continued south, and the riding and views thru Hirschbichlalm + Melchboden were indeed what I was looking for, and then the descent to Hippach was fun for me and very pretty. The route here is the data from my GPS while riding it, filtered to get the track under 500 points. Not checked by me since 2009.

Difficulty: Calculating from data point collected by my GPS (with barometric altimeter with auto-calibration turned off) the main climb up from Aschau includes around +800 meters (2600 feet) vertical at an average steepness around 12% grade, perhaps including 60 meters around 14% grade. Continuing toward Hirschbichlalm + Melchboden there's three more climbs, separated by gentle (or downhill) sections, including some short steeper sections perhaps around 12-14% grade. Total climbing around +1500 meters (5000 feet) vertical. Loop distance about 36 km (22.5 miles).

The descent from Melchboden to Hippach had about 620 vertical meters in the upper half at steepness around 11% grade, then a short gentle section, then about 660 vertical meters in the lower half around 10% grade. Then the valley between Hippach and Aschau was gentle.


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