Bicycling in Columbia County

Columbia County in the Hudson river valley is one of the wonderful places in the world to explore on a bicycle.  We've been riding on its beautiful back roads for years, and we keep coming back for more, and keep discovering new special places.

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Folks to Ride with

There's no bicycling club based here yet that we know of, but sometimes these clubs ride in the area: 

or just introduce yourself on 

Discuss bicycling -- ask questions 

Bicycle Routes to Try 

For some routes that sample the great road bicycling in Columbia County, see these pages:  

Support for Riding in Columbia County

Taxi services

Calling a taxi services can be very helpful for bicycling: 

  • when your bicycle gets messed up bad enough so you cannot ride it -- or weather turns real bad -- and you still need to get home or back to your car.
  • to get to and from train stations.
  • to set up one-way tours.

It's usually easier to call a taxi if you have some phone numbers of taxi services in the area you're riding. A way to get a list is to do a search for "taxi" on a directory of business phone numbers such as -- Here's some towns and cities in this county on which might be helpful to search:

Hudson, Ghent, Chatham, Hillsdale, Copake (all in New York state)

Here's some taxi services we found in phone directories around 2003:

  • Greensport Transport -- Hudson, NY

  • Hudson City Taxi

  • Howard's Taxi -- Hudson, NY

  • Hudson Riverview Taxi / Star City Taxi -- Hudson, NY

  • Rick's Taxi -- Hudson, NY

  • Pronto Transport -- Hudson, NY

  • ABC -- Hudson, NY

  • John's Taxi -- Ghent, NY

  • Carriage House Livery Services -- North Chatham, NY

  • Safeway Taxicabs -- Hillsdale, NY

Bike Shops

Here's some bicycle shops we found in phone directories around 2003:

Tourism in Columbia County

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