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  Ken Roberts and Sharon Marsh Roberts

We like routes where most of the roads have open views, farms and orchards, creeks and rivers, interesting descents, and little motorized traffic.  This website includes many of our favorites.  We also know that everyone's style and taste is different, and that there are lots more beautiful and fun roads in the Hudson valley -- so we hope that some of these will serve also as a starting point for developing new favorites of your own.

- - maps: List | River routes | Shorter | Gentler Places
- - maps: New Paltz area | Columbia county | NYC

- -  East side of the river
- -  West side of the river
- -  River routes -- Map of river routes
- -  New York City routes -- Map
- -  Outside the boundary
- -  North of Albany | reports on northern River routes

- -  Gentle  or  Flat -- Map of Shorter routes
- -  Moderate  or  Gentle-to-Moderate
- -  Hilly  or  Very Hilly  or  Long Hilly

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