Long Moderately hilly routes

  • Central Park (Manhattan) to Nyack Ride -- 62 miles, moderate hilliness (also a 44 mile non-NYC version).  The most popular ride from Manhattan -- with a visit to Central Park added.  Great views cruising along the Hudson and across the bridge, the rolling grades of Central Park, Riverside Drive, and Route 9W -- the "state line hill" descent -- lots of fellow cyclists and the scene at the Runcible Spoon.  3000 vertical feet, hill index 4.2.  Start points Manhattan and Fort Lee NJ, also Piermont and Nyack NY. [ Central Park-GWB description + Map + GPS | GWB-Nyack description + Maps + GPS ] 
  • Southern Berkshires Tour -- Connecticut and Massachusetts -- 68 miles, moderate hilliness.  Canaan CT (or Salisbury) to Stockbridge MA and Tanglewood (near Lenox).  Variety of scenery in the southern Berkshires, farm fields and animals.  Lots of pleasant riding on quiet roads, and several fun downhills.  Variations up to 85 miles, also a 28-mile short tour.  In Litchfield County, CT and Berkshire County, MA.  4000 vertical feet, hill index 3.4. [ Description | Map ]
  • Harlem Valley Rail to Trail to Falls -- 59 miles, moderate hilliness (shorter and longer variations).  Endless rolling quiet roads with beautiful farms in Dutchess and Columbia counties.  Climb to the biggest views from a Dutchess county road.  Lunch in quiet little Ancramdale.  Ride sections on the nicest paved "rail trail" around.  Start points:  Wassaic train station, Amenia, Millerton, Copake Falls, Sharon CT.  3900 vertical feet, hill index 3.8  [ Description | Map | GPS | Cue sheet ]
  • Rip Van Winkle Bridge to Albany, loop on both sides of the Hudson river -- 74 miles, moderate hills, from Catskill and Hudson to the Dunn Memorial Bridge between Albany + Rennselaer.  Lots of sweeping views across beautiful farm country, a variety of angles on the Catskill mountains and the Hudson River, and the new and old buildings of Albany.  [ Details | Map | GPS | Cue sheet ] 

Long Hilly routes

  • In the Shadow of the Catskills -- 74 or 79 miles, hilly.  Quiet farms and houses in Greene County, the four pavilions on the Hudson, changing views of the great wall of the Catskills.  4400 vertical feet, hill index 3.8.  Start points Catskill, Saugerties, Leeds, Alcove Reservoir, Coeymans Landing. [ Description | Map | GPS | Photos ]
  • Roeliff Janssen Kill -- 71 miles or 80 miles, hilly.  Lots of beautiful farm country and woods, sweeping views, and a great descent.  5200 vertical feet, hill index 4.3.  Start points Livingston, Elizaville, Philmont, Hillsdale, Copake. [ Diagram | Map ] 
  • Grand Tour of Columbia County -- 83 miles, hilly.  Sweeping views, old houses, farms and lots of quiet roads, a waterfall or two -- and a long, beautiful downhill run.  (Also a 62-mile variation).  Start points Lake Taghkanic State Park, Livingston, Hudson, Kinderhook, Hillsdale, Copake Falls.  5000 vertical feet, hill index 4.3.  [ Description | Map ]
  • NYC to the Seven Lakes -- 96 miles, hilly. Lakes with islands and pretty forest (without residences or industry) in Harriman Park.  River views, classic descents, variety of suburban architecture along the loop getting there and back. Start points Manhattan and Fort Lee NJ (also Allendale NJ, Harriman State Park, Stony Point, Nyack).  Around 6800 vertical feet. [ Details | Map | GPS | Cue sheet ] 
  • NYC to Bear Mt by interior + river -- 99 miles, hilly. River views, classic descents, variety suburban architecture, forests (variations have mountain lakes with islands). Ride up to Bear Mt differently, mostly thru the interior, then return the more usual river way. One or two sections on dirt (avoidable).  Start points Manhattan and Fort Lee NJ; also Allendale NJ, Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks, Stony Point, Nyack.  Around 6800 vertical feet. [ Details | Map | GPS | Cue sheet ] 
  • NYC to Bear Mountain Adventure -- 101 miles, hilly.  The great (non-train-supported) bicycling adventure from Manhattan -- river views, mountain views, classic descents, pretty lakes with islands amidst uninhabited forests in Harriman Park. One or two sections on dirt (avoidable). Has a short tricky traffic situation which might be illegal - (there's a variation which avoids it, but that adds 17 miles with more hills).   Start points Manhattan and Fort Lee NJ; also Allendale NJ, Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks, Stony Point, Nyack.  6400 vertical feet, hill index 4.2. [ Details | Map | GPS | Cue sheet ] 
  • GWB to Bear Mountain Bridge Loop, on both sides of the Hudson river -- 92 miles (or 83 miles), hilly.  A great accomplishment, several pretty views of the River, and a great variety of riding.  Lots of motor vehicle traffic, requiring advanced traffic-handling skills.  At least two sections on dirt.  7200 vertical feet, hill index over 5.0. [ Description | Map | Photos ] 

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