Grand Tour of Columbia County
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    Note ---> CC Rt 8 = Columbia County Route 8   Reports  
Start       Lake Taghkanic State Park -- East Beach parking lot.   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
0.0 R 0.5 go West on the park road toward the entrance    
Variation A To shorten the route: see Major Variation A on separate sheet. Variation subtracts around 21 miles from total route.   Abbreviations + Symbols  
Major Variation A      
0.5 L 0.4 to West Beach on park road (South) Route not checked by us since 2009: see more . . .
0.9 Straight 0.5 unsigned- continue past the cottages along the lake on Description page
1.4 L - dirt 0.5 unsigned- starts downhill toward lake, immediated turns Right along shore of lake
1.9 R 0.5 unsigned- W Pond Lily Rd
2.4 T R 4.7 unsigned- CC Rt 8 West
7.1 Variation for food: continue Straight on CC Rt 8 for 1.5Mi to Blue Store, R on Rt 9 North [HH] 0.7Mi, L on Sparrow Bush Rd to rejoin route
7.1 R 1.4 CC Rt 19 North
8.5 L 1.1 Maple Lane
9.6 HH cross 1.1 Sparrow Bush Rd (cross Rt 9)
10.7 T R 0.5 unsigned- Blue Hill Rd - CC Rt 31 North
11.2 L 3.2 Wire Rd
14.4 R 0.2 Half Circle Drive (or continue to CC Rt 10 and turn R)
14.6 T R 1.7 unsigned- CC Rt 10 (East)
16.3 L 3.1 Blue Hill Rd - CC Rt 31 (North)
(cross Cold Spring Rd / Woodchuck Rd)
19.4 L 1.6 CC Rt 14 -- West
21.0 T R 1.2 Rt 9G North [HH]
21.5 Variation C to visit Olana -- home of Frederick Church, famous painter of the Hudson River school. Walk around house for a great view from the top of hill.  After 0.5Mi on Rt 9G, turn R and climb hill.  (Adds 0.8Mi and 250 feet of steep climbing) [last checked around 1995]
22.2 BR 0.3 Rt 23 East / Route 9G North [HH - wide shoulder as of August 2008]
22.2 Variation D to cross the river with a fine view:  Go L onto Rt 23 West [HH] and cross the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.  Pick up a snack, turn around and come back, turn L to follow Rt 23 East [HH] to rejoin main route.  Adds 2.6 Mi to total route distance.
22.5 food for food, continue on Rt 23 / 9G past Mt Merino Rd for a short ways to next intersection
22.5 L 2.6 Mt Merino Rd (view of the pretty Athens-Hudson lighthouse)
25.1 T L 0.8 Rt 9G North [HH], becomes South 3rd St
25.7 Amtrak train station is several blocks to Left (West).
25.9 site Hudson, NY
25.9 food for food and to see lots more shops, go R up Warren St about half a mile, turn around and come back down to rejoin main route.
25.9 L 0.3 Warren St
26.2 view view over the Hudson River from the park at end of Columbia St. (Town on the other side is Athens.)
26.2 T R 0.1 Front St (North)
26.3 R 0.6 State St (East)
26.9 L 0.1 Carroll St
27.0 L 1.0 Short St (North), becomes Harry Howard Ave
28.0 T L 1.8 Joslen Blvd (North)
29.8 T L 1.6 Rt 9 North [HH - reasonable shoulder as of Aug 2008] (nice views to both sides)
31.4 R 0.2 CC Rt 25B - East
31.6 T L 4.6 CC Rt 25 (North) -- Stockport, NY
waterfall on R
site village of Stuyvesant Falls -- becomes CC Rt 25A (CC Rt 25 turns right)
bridge cross Kinderhook Creek
view on the right:  view of the falls of Stuyvesant Falls, NY
36.2 BR 3.3 Rt 9 North [HH - reasonable shoulder as of Aug 2008]
site Vanderpoel House on left
food Kinderhook, NY
39.5 R 0.8 CC Rt 21 - East (Hudson St) -- cross under Rt 9H
39.5 Variation K to visit Valatie + Chatham:  straight on Rt 9 North [HH - reasonable lane width + shoulder as of May 2009] (cross Rt 9H) for 1.6Mi, EE-R on Main St into Valatie (food) 0.4Mi,
R on Chatham St / Rt 203 East for a couple miles or so [HH - mostly reasonable shoulder as of May 2009], L Merwin Rd (up steep hill), R White Mills Rd, T - L Pond Hill Rd (becomes Kinderhook St) ??Mi,
R on Park Row 0.1Mi into Chatham -- several food options in both directions. Then R on Rt 66 South 2.4Mi, L on Maple St 0.4Mi, T - L on Water St / CC rt 21 to rejoin main route. Adds 9 miles. [last checked May 2009]
40.3 R 4.1 CC Rt 21 - East (starts with hill climb, over 200 vertical feet at 6% steepness grade)
40.3 Variation J to avoid a hill:  L on Novack Rd 0.6Mi, R on Novack Rd 0.8Mi, T-R on Rt 203 East 0.5Mi [HH - reasonable shoulders as of Sept 2006], R on Pinto Ranch Rd 0.7Mi,
T-L on McCagg Rd 0.1Mi, R on Hennett Rd 1.9Mi, L on CC Rt 21 to rejoin main route. [last checked around 2002]
44.4 T R 2.0 CC Rt 21 - East
46.4 BL 0.5 Garage Place Rd
food Ghent, NY
46.9 T R 0.1 Rt 66 South [HH - mostly reasonable shoulder South-bound as of August 2008]
47.0 L 2.4 Water St (CC Rt 21) - long hill climb
(pass by Angel Hill Rd)
49.4 BR 1.9 unsigned- (CC Rt 21)  Do not continue straight up the hill.
49.9 BL (pass by Tice Hill Rd) - more climb
51.2 (pass by Louden Rd)
51.3 HH cross 0.8 cross Taconic State Parkway, continue on CC Rt 21 / Harlemville Rd
52.1 T L 4.4 CC Rt 21 East -- climb hill
52.5    (Harlemville Rd turns off right -- climb long hill, then some downhill)
56.5 R 4.4 Hunt Rd -- climb up, then long descent
60.9 T R 0.3 Rt 22 South [HH - reasonable width as of Aug 2008]
Variation To avoid a tough hill with a nice view and descent, see the directions for Variation C of Farms + Hills of SW Columbia  
61.2 L 0.6 Tribrook Rd
61.6 XX open grate bridge over creek
61.8 R 0.3 Collins St (South)
62.1 HH cross 2.1 Yonderview Rd (cross Rt 23) -- food to R at intersection of Rt 22 and Rt 23
64.2 T L 0.1 Rt 22 South [HH]
64.3 L 0.8 North Mountain Rd -- up hill
65.1 BR 0.5 North Mountain Rd -- up more hill
65.6 BR 1.6 North Mountain Rd -- views, then descent
67.2 T L 0.5 unsigned- Main St / Rt 344
67.4 food Copake Falls, NY -- food + rail trail + bike shop are L a short ways on Rt 344 East
67.4 Variation To visit Bash Bish Falls: Left on Rt 344 East to a parking lot on the right, then hike a ways up alongside the creek to the falls. Or ride steep curvy uphill past that parking lot to a service road on right (over a mile from Copake Falls), and hike down to the falls. [last checked around 2006]
67.7 T L 0.9 Rt 22 - South [HH - reasonable width + shoulder as of May 2009]
68.6 R 0.7 CC Rt 7A
food Copake, NY
69.3 R 0.3 CC Rt 7A East (careful, there are several Rt 7As)
69.6 BL 1.7 CC Rt 7A (careful, there are several Rt 7As)
XX open grate bridge over creek
71.3 R 1.0 CC Rt 7 - North
72.3 L 3.0 CC Rt 27 -- up hill
75.3 L 1.4 New Forge Rd   Map  
76.7 BR 0.2 New Forge Rd   Description  
76.9 BL 0.9 New Forge Rd   Reports  
77.8 R 0.7 Rt 82 West -- up hill [HH - reasonable lane width + shoulder as of May 2009]   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
78.5 L 0.9 Taghkanic State Park Rd    
79.4   Finish   Lake Taghkanic State Park -- East Beach parking lot.   Abbreviations + Symbols  
Route not checked by us since 2009: Learn more on Description page.    
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