This Leg


Start       Kinderhook, NY -- intersection of Rt 9 and Columbia County Route 21
0.0   South 0.3 Rt 9 South [HH] - Broad St
0.1   site   Vanderpoel House (on Rt 9 South, 0.1Mi on the R)
0.3   R 3.1 Eichybush Rd
3.4   BR 1.2 Eichybush Rd (pass by Hollow Rd)
4.6 T R 0.1 Columbia County Rt 21
4.7   L 1.2 Dahlgren Rd
5.9   L 1.5 Maple Lane
6.5       (pass by Running Creek Rd)
7.4 T L 0.5 Rt 9 North [HH]
7.9   L 2.0 Herrick Rd (later becomes Funk Rd)
9.9 T L 0.8 unsigned- Rensselaer County Rt 2, Schodack Landing Rd
10.7   L 3.6 Muitzeskill Rd - Rensselaer County Rt 1 (South) -- later becomes Columbia County Rt 21 and Albany St
14.3       (pass by Eichybush Rd and Dahlgren Rd)
17.4   Finish   Kinderhook, NY

Route not checked by us since 2010 -- learn more | see Reports


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