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This is a path in Putnam County, New York -- mostly off-road, flat to gentle. Around 7.3 miles has been completed and paved as of January 2005 -- see rough map.  There is a plan to someday pave around 12 miles total (see the Reports and NYS-DOT links below for hints about the status of completion).

Definitely worth exploring by families with children, or anybody looking for bicycling in Putnam county without much motor vehicle traffic. 

The completed sections (as of January 2005) go from near Carmel through Mahopac to the southern border of Putnam County -- where the trail connects with the Westchester North County Trailway at Baldwin Place.

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The Trail

  • Where:  in the western parts of Putnam County, New York, around Mahopac + Carmel.

see official brochure + trail map (PDF format, 2.5MB) from Putnam County Planning dept

or this approximate Map of trailway

  • Sections: (south to north)

- - Baldwin Place (Rt 118) to Mahopac (Mt Hope Rd) -- 2.4 miles

Much of this section runs in between Rt 6 and Bucks Hollow Rd.

(connection to Westchester North County Trailway at Baldwin Place)

- - Mt Hope Rd to Croton Falls Rd -- 0.6 mile

Once about 0.3 mile of this was a wide shoulder on the high-traffic Rt 6 vehicle road, and about 0.2 mile was a sidewalk on the north side of Croton Falls Rd to turn for Mud Pond Rd. In 2006 we heard that this has changed: see Reports.

- - Croton Falls Rd to Carmel -- around 4.3 miles

Route includes two crossings underneath Weber Rd, a high bridge over Drewville Rd and another bridge (? over the west branch of the Croton River ?).  Southwest end of this section is at Mud Pond Rd near Croton Falls Rd (Putnam county Rt 34).  Northeast end of this section is at Seminary Hill Rd by Church St and Rt 6.

- - ? Carmel to Brewster -- around 4.5 miles ? 

As of January 2005, we do not know details about the status or plans for this section -- like where each end will be, or how much of it will be a shoulder on Rt 6, or when it might be constructed. See the Reports for hints about the status of this section.

  • Characteristics:  Flat to gentle, mostly off-road.  The sections most people use are paved. 

Note:  Some sections of the trail are incomplete (as of May 2004) -- see Reports.

Traffic:  The trail itself is mostly off-road, but it intersects with public roads or driveways at several points, some with high-speed vehicle traffic -- so special care is required in detecting, approaching, and crossing those.  Also at least section is in the shoulder of a high-speed vehicle road.

Also, there can be lots of non-motorized users on the path:  walkers, runners, skaters, bicyclists, etc -- sometimes at high speeds, sometimes oblivious to other users, sometimes not following rules or the directions of signs.  Need to take seriously the risk of interactions and collisions with them. 

Traffic -- nearby roads:  Most users of the trail stay only on main trail route.  If you decide to go off the trail, be aware that most of the streets and roads nearby have high traffic volume, often at high speeds, and often little or no shoulder.  That's a whole different set of risks, with a whole different set of skills and strategies needed for handling them.  For help on learning about those risks and skills, see Resources for Bicycle Riding

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A possible route for the bicycle Trail is shown as a red dashed curve on lower center-right of map.

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