Harlem Valley Rail to Trail to Falls
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    Note ---> DC Rt 63 = Dutchess County Route 63
CC Rt 8 = Columbia County Route 8
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Start       Wassaic railroad station -- Metro North. On the East side of Route 22 between Wassaic and Amenia.   Abbreviations + Symbols  
0.0 EE L 0.5 Rt 22 South [HH - reasonable shoulders as of July 2001]    
0.5   L 0.2 Furnace Bank Rd   Cue sheet - main route  
0.7 T L 0.2 Firehouse Rd   variations A + B cue sheet  
0.9 T L 2.3 Old Route 22 / DC Rt 81   variations C + D cue sheet  
3.2   BR 0.3 Old Route 22 (pass by Dunn)      
3.5   R 0.4 Railroad Ave
3.9   food   Amenia, NY -- for Food go Left on Mechanic St to Rt 343
  Begin Variation A Amenia, NY, at the intersection Railroad Ave with Mechanic St and Depot Hill Rd
3.9   Straight -onto path 0.8 Harlem Valley Rail Trail (going Northeast -- go straight across Mechanic St and Depot Hill Rd) -- paved path
4.7 HH cross 1.7 cross Rt 343, continue on Rail Trail
6.4   L 0.4 Sharon Station Rd (first road after crossing Rt 343)
6.8   R 1.6 Sharon Station Rd (DC Rt 1)
8.4   BL 1.6 Sheffield Hill Rd, becomes Coleman Station Rd (Sharon Station Rd goes R)
  End Varation A rejoin main route at the intersection of Coleman Station Rd and Indian Lake Rd back to Main cue sheet
10.0   R 0.8 Indian Lake Rd (DC Rt 61)
10.8   L 1.0 Mill Rd
  Begin Variation B at the intersection between Mill Rd and Downey Rd. (Main route turns Left on Downey Rd)
11.8   Straight 2.2 continue on Mill Rd (becomes South Center St)
14.0   food   Millerton, NY. Additional food choices if turn Right on Rt 44 East. Then rejoin route by going north on Rt 62 / Maple Ave at traffic light.
14.0   Variation   to greatly shorten the route: Turn R on Main St / Rt 44 East [HH] 0.3Mi (food), then R on DC Rt 62 / Maple Ave to rejoin main route. This is basically the Harlem Valley Rail to Millerton to CT route.
14.0 HH cross 0.2 onto Center St (cross Rt 44 / Main St)
14.2   R 0.1 Church St
14.3   R 0.2 Barton St
14.5   L 0.1 Dutchess St
14.6   R 0.2 Highland St
14.8 T L 2.8 DC Rt 62 North, Maple Ave, becomes Rudd Pond Rd
16.3   site   Rudd Pond State Park
17.6   Straight 4.3 DC Rt 63 North, Boston Corners Rd (DC Rt 62 goes L)
21.9   Straight 2.3 Under Mountain Rd (DC Rt 61 goes L)
23.4   site   pass by Harlem Valley Rail Trail
24.2 T R 0.4 Rt 22 North [HH]
24.6   R 0.1 Weed Mine Rd
24.7 T L 2.3 Weed Mine Rd
27.0 BL   0.6 Weed Mine Rd (pass by Valley View Rd)      
27.6 T R 1.1 Rt 22 North [HH]   Description  
28.7   R 0.3 Rt 344   Map  
29.0   R 0.2 Rt 344 East   Reports  
29.2   food   Copake Falls, NY (at the Rail Trail)   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
  End Variation B Copake Falls, NY -- rejoin main route at mile 30.2 -- the intersection of Rt 344 with the Harlem Valley Rail Trail)   Abbreviations + Symbols  
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