About this Route Map

on the Bike Hudson Valley website

The route maps on this Bike Hudson Valley website are intended only to provide an overview of the bicycle route to help with planning a ride and with visualizing how the road segments in the "route directions cue sheet" go together.  

These route maps omit many roads and road segments in the areas of the route.  Sometimes they omit road segments and turns which are on the route.  They normally include only the road segments directly relevant to what you will encounter if you ride the exact route, and some other major roads which help provide context for planning and visualizing. 

One of these route maps is not a substitute for obtaining and carrying current, detailed, accurate road maps for the areas through which the route passes.  See Why Bring a Road Map for reasons why it is important to use full detailed road maps.  The main description page for each route gives ideas for which road maps to obtain.

One of these route maps is not a substitute for carrying, reading, and understanding the words and abbreviations on the "route directions cue sheet".

These route maps often distort the distances, directions, curves, and shapes of many road segments.  

These route maps may have errors and omissions in names of roads.

These route maps might not be current and accurate with changes in the conditions, construction, opening/closure, legal status, and other aspects of roads.

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