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NYC to Albany one-way route

  • where:  From the village of Rhinebeck (not far from the east end of the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge) in Dutchess country, north up the East side of the river into Columbia county to the city of Hudson (not far from the east end of the Rip Van Winkle bridge).

  • roughly 32 miles, gentle-to-moderate hills.  

This one-way route along the east side of the Hudson River can be done by using the eastern half of one of the bridge-to-bridge routes.  For more information and reports, check the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge / Rip Van Winkle Bridge Loop

But in our rides from NYC to Albany, we've normally done it by this route:

  • highlights:   Shaded roads in the woods.  Sweeping views of orchards and farms of southwest Columbia county with the Catskill mountains beyond.  (optionally the historic mansion and famous hilltop view of Olana.)

  • characteristics:  Mostly quiet roads.  Some rolling hills -- with one longer climb and one steep climb.

  • maps:  You should have detailed road maps of Dutchess and Columbia counties to do this route (see Road Maps). See also the digital mapping + GPS resources above under "Rhinebeck to Hudson".

Route Directions


  • in Germantown, instead of Woods Rd and Dales Bridge, some other pretty roads to try are Hog Trough Rd, Binghams Mills Rd, and Columbia county Rt 31.

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