Kingston waterfront to Rhinebeck
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Start       intersection of Broadway and Strand St by Rondout Creek in Kingston NY   Reports  
0.0   North up hill 0.2 Broadway   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
0.2 EE R 0.1 Garraghan St Abbreviations + Symbols
0.3 EE   0.1 cross rt 9W
        go underneath railroad tracks
0.4   L 0.2 unsigned- Rondout Rd, uphill thru parking for apartment buildings, then exit apartment parking . . . Route not checked by us since 2008: see more . . .
0.6   R 0.2 Murray St on Description page
0.8 T L 0.3 Delaware Av      
1.0   Variation A   to avoid riding on high-traffic rt 9W: turn R on 1st Av (up steel hill) 0.4Mi, (just after Larch St) BR to continue on 1st Av for 2.3Mi, later becomes Devils Lake Rd and Main St of East Kingston, T - R Rt 32 North [HH] to rejoin main route    
1.1 EE R 1.2 Rt 9W North [HH - reasonable shoulder as of 2008]    
2.3 EE R 2.4 Rt 32 North [HH - reasonable shoulder as of 2008]    
4.7   R 2.8 Rt 209 East / Rt 199 East - entrance ramp for Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge [HH - reasonable shoulder as of 2008]    
    bridge   Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, starts with long climb, big views at top, then long downhill [HH - reasonable shoulder as of 2008]    
7.5 EE R 0.1 River Rd / Dutchess county rt 103 South    
7.6   L 1.7 Upper Hook
8.1       pass by Lower Hook, becomes Hook Rd
9.3 T R 1.5 Old Post Rd (South)
10.8 T L 0.7 Mt Rutsen Rd, becomes Montgomery St
11.5 T L 0.2 unsigned- rt 9 North [HH - wide shoulder in good condition as of 2008]
11.7   R 0.0 Mulberry St / Fairgrounds 
11.7   site   Dutchess County Fairgrounds
11.7   R 0.6 Mulberry St
12.3   R 0.2 Livingston St Map
12.4       pass by Center St Description
12.4   Variation   if continuing west toward Rhinecliff: might be simpler to turn L on Center St 0.1Mi, R on E Market St 0.2Mi (Rt 308 West) [HH], then cross Rt 9 and continue on West Market St. Reports
12.5   L 0.1 unsigned- single lane driveway into parking lot How to Use this Cue Sheet
12.5   food   lots of food options in both directions on Market St
12.6   R 0.0 unsigned- E Market St - Rt 308 [HH - usually lots of parked cars, consider using sidewalk] Abbreviations + Symbols
12.6   Finish   Rhinebeck NY -- intersection of Rt 9 with Market St / Rt 308
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