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NYC to Albany one-way route

  • Where:  From the east end of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, north through Hudson and Kinderhook up the East side of the river and into the Rensselaer county.  Finish by crossing the Dunn Memorial Bridge into Albany.
  • 39 miles, mostly gentle hills. 

This one-way route along the east side of the Hudson River is derived from a Loop route that goes on both sides of the river.  For more information and reports, check the Rip Van Winkle / Albany Loop

  • Highlights:   Lots of sweeping views across quiet farm country, and some of the Hudson River.  The new and old buildings of Albany.
  • Characteristics:  Lots of quiet roads, but some urban traffic through Hudson and around and in the city of Albany.  Mostly gentle hills. 
  • Maps:  You should have detailed road maps of Columbia and Rensselaer counties to do this route (see Road Maps).  All distances are rough approximations.

Route Directions -- Use first half of Rip Van Winkle Bridge to Albany loop cue sheet

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