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Main Cue Sheet: Canaan CT to Stockbridge MA   Description  
see Salibury CT start-finish cue sheet   GPS  
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Start       Canaan CT, intersection of Rt 44 and Rt 7   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
    Variation A   Salisbury CT: to start closer to the Hudson Valley, in Salisbury, see Variation A on Salisbury cue sheet   Abbreviations + Symbols  
0.0 food various in Canaan, CT      
0.0   South 0.1 Rt 7 South [HH]
0.1 L 2.5 Lower Rd
1.1 site limestone quarry on right
2.2   site   historic Beesmer Furnace and pretty creek with waterfall on right
2.6 HH cross 1.7 cross Rt 44 -- becomes Casey Hill Rd, which later becomes Allyndale Rd
4.3 R 1.0 Sodom Rd (turn comes at bottom of hill)
5.3 cross 0.2 follow sign to Mill River -- road name unsigned (cross Old Turnpike -- enter MA)
5.5 BL 1.0 follow sign to Mill River (unsigned Clayton Mill River Rd) (not the road to Southfield)
5.5   Variation B   To avoid possible rough conditions on Clayton Mill River Rd (but miss some pleasant riding along the Konkapot River) -- bear Right toward Southfield for 3.3Mi, then just after curve right turn L onto unsigned Hadsell St for 0.9Mi, T - L toward Mill River 0.9Mi, then turn R to rejoin main route.
6.5 BL 2.8 Clayton Mill River Rd (This curve comes just after Brewer Hill Rd turns L. Do not go straight onto the road to Southfield, or on roads named Cross Rd or Canaan Valley Rd)
7.9 site to visit Umpachene Falls, turn R onto dirt road
9.3 R 0.1 Mill River - Southfield Rd (cross bridge)
food Mill River, MA (Mill River General Store closed on Sunday afternoons, as of August 2002)
9.4 L 0.5 follow sign to Hartsville and Lake Buel (unsigned- Mill River Great Barrington Rd)
9.9 BL 1.1 Mill River Great Barrington Rd
11.0 BR 1.7 Mill River Great Barrington Rd (pass by County Rd)
11.0 Variation C To greatly shorten the route: Turn Left onto County Rd, go 4.7 miles, then turn Left on Hewins St to rejoin main route at mile 55.2 (shortens route by 39.5 miles)   Map  
12.7 BL 2.5 unsigned- Mill River Great Barrington Rd / Lake Buell Rd   Description  
15.2 HH cross 4.6 cross Rt 23 -- becomes Monument Valley Rd   GPS  
19.8 T R 2.5 Rt 7 - North [HH - good lane width, mostly reasonable shoulders, as of 2010]   Reports  
food Main St, Stockbridge, MA   Salisbury cue sheet  
22.3 HH cross 0.2 cross Rt 102 / Main St (unsigned- Pine St) -- up hill   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
22.5 BL 1.2 Prospect Hill Rd   Abbreviations + Symbols  
23.7 bridge 3.0 cross bridge over the Mass Pike -- becomes Mahkeenac Rd, then becomes Hawthorne Rd.      
26.7 R 0.1 Hawthorne St
26.7 Variation To avoid Tanglewood: Continue Straight on Hawthorne Rd, then R onto Rt 183, then L onto Richmond Mt Rd to rejoin main route.
26.8 L 0.6 enter Tanglewood Music Center
27.4 L 0.2 Rt 183 [HH]
27.6 R 1.4 follow sign "to Route 41" (unsigned- Richmond Mt Rd) up long hill
28.1 view rock with plaque on L side after about 0.5 Mi
28.8 view parking lot on L side
29.0 BR 0.9 becomes Lenox Rd (down hill)
29.9 BR 0.5 Lenox Rd
30.4 BL 0.2 Lenox Rd (pass by East Rd)
30.6 cross 1.2 cross Swamp Rd
31.8 T L 0.9 Rt 41 South (to Richmond Furnace)
32.7 R 0.3 Baker St
    Food Variation   for food, continue Straight on Rt 41 South into West Stockbridge for food. Turn around and take Rt 41 North, turn L onto State Line Rd to rejoin route.
33.0 BL 1.0 continue Baker St
34.0 T R 0.2 Rt 102, State Line Rd
34.2 L 0.6 West Center Rd
34.8 L 3.4 continue on West Center Rd (up hill) (pass by Red Rock Rd)
37.6 0.6 (pass by Wilson Rd)
38.2 BR 4.0 East Alford Rd
42.2 T L 0.2 unsigned- Alford, MA
42.4 R 1.3 unsigned- Seekonk Cross (starts up a hill) (Old Barrington Rd bears L down hill)   Map  
43.7   L 0.8 Seekonk Rd   Description  
44.5   R 1.0 Round Hill Rd   GPS  
45.5 BL 0.8 Seekonk Cross   Reports  
46.3   R 0.7 West Plain Rd   Salisbury cue sheet  
47.0 T L 0.3 Pumpkin Hollow Rd   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
47.3 HH cross 0.8 cross Rt 71, becomes McGee Rd   Abbreviations + Symbols  
48.1 T L 0.6 Creamery Rd      
48.7 T R 0.1 Rt 23 - West [HH - good lane width, mostly reasonable shoulder, as of 2010]
48.8   quick L 0.1 Button Ball Lane
  food South Egremont, MA -- continue West on Rt 23 into the village. To rejoin route turn around and go East on Rt 23, turn R on Sheffield St, which after 0.1Mi passes by Button Ball Lane and becomes the main route
48.8   Variation X   Salisbury CT finish -- the shortest gentlest simplest way from here back to Salisbury is to continue on Rt 23 West [HH] about 0.8Mi, L on Rt 41 for 12.7Mi to the finish in Salisbury. The problem is that Rt 41 has no shoulders for 8 miles, and sometimes gets a sizable amount of high-speed motor vehicle traffic.
48.9 T L 1.7 unsigned- Sheffield Rd (later becomes Egremont Rd)
50.6   site   Shays Rebellion monument
50.6   L 1.2 Rebellion Rd
51.8 T R 0.1 Rt 7 South [HH]
51.9   quick L 0.6 Kellogg Rd
52.5 T R 2.7 Boardman St
55.2 T L 0.0 Maple Ave
    food   Sheffield MA -- for food, turn R on Maple Ave 0.8Mi, L on Rt 7 South [HH] to visit Sheffield
55.2   Variation Y   Salisbury CT finish: to finish in Salisbury (while avoiding both the 8 miles with no shoulder on Rt 41 and a steep hill with two low-visibility curves on Cooper Hill Rd) -- Turn Right on Maple Ave, see Variation Y on Salisbury cue sheet Salisbury cue sheet
55.2   quick R 4.8 Hewins St
58.3       (pass by Alum Hill Rd and Polikoff Rd)
60.0 HH cross 0.2 cross Rt 7, becomes Stahl Rd
60.2   L 0.6 E Main St (going South)
    site   Ashley Falls MA
60.8 cross 0.9 cross Rt 7A onto Rannapo Rd
61.7   Variation A joins   Salisbury start variation A joins the main route here at Weatogue Rd Salisbury cue sheet
61.7   L - dirt 2.7 Weatogue Rd (the dirt section gets better, then turns to pavement and enters CT)
61.7   Variation Z   Salisbury CT finish: to finish in Salisbury, continue Straight on Rannapo Rd 0.1Mi, turn Left onto Cooper Hill Rd, see Variation Z on Salisbury cue sheet Salisbury cue sheet
61.8 site Bartholomew Cobble      
64.4 L 0.7 Twin Lakes Rd   Map  
65.1 T L 0.4 Rt 44 - East [HH - good lane width, mostly reasonable shoulder, as of 2010]   Description  
65.5 R 0.0 Rt 126   GPS  
65.5 quick L 0.4 Boinay Hill Rd   Reports  
65.9 T L 1.3 Sand Rd   Salisbury cue sheet  
    XX   diagonal railroad tracks -- cross very carefully -- dismount if don't know the right technique    
67.2 T L 0.6 unsigned- Rt 7 - North [HH - good lane width, mostly reasonable shoulder, as of 2010]   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
67.7   pass by Lower Rd (just before crossing bridge)   Abbreviations + Symbols  
67.8 Finish   Canaan CT, intersection of Rt 7 with Rt 44      
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