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Routes for bicycling

  • Bear Mountain Bridge to Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, loop on both sides of the Hudson river -- 42 miles, hilly.  Spectacular views of the Hudson River, from every angle.  Rocks, trees, castles, two great bridge crossings, and West Point.  2700 vertical feet, hill index 4.0.  Start points Beacon or Cold Spring Metro North train stations, Bear Mountain State Park, Newburgh. [ Description | Map | GPS ] 
  • Quaker Ridge -- 45 miles, hilly.  Lots of beautiful scenes on quiet back roads -- in southeast Dutchess County and Connecticut.  3300 vertical feet, hill index 4.2.  Start points Pawling, Dover Plains, Brewster, Kent CT.  [ Description | Map ]

The Brewster finish variation for the Quaker Ridge route adds 15 miles, for a total of 60 miles. 

Off-road paths

  • Putnam Trailway -- mostly off-road -- over 7 miles complete and paved (as of January 2005 -- planned eventually for 12 miles) -- around Mahopac and Carmel in Putnam county. [ more details | rough map ]

Routes reached by Trains from New York City

One very helpful thing about Putnam county is that it is served by two train lines from New York City -- so this can be a convenient way for many bicyclists to reach Putnam county.  See Routes from Trains

Other People's Routes

Has maps of current and proposed routes, especially off-road paths.

[ we'd be glad to include more links here -- by all means tell us about other routes you know about. ]

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Bike shops

Here's some bicycle shops we found in phone directories around 2003:

  • Bikeway - - Mahopac, NY

  • Village Bikes - - Brewster, NY

  • Bodies in Motion - - Patterson, NY

Taxi services

Calling a taxi services can be very helpful for bicycling: 

  • when your bicycle gets messed up bad enough so you cannot ride it -- or weather turns real bad -- and you still need to get home or back to your car.
  • to get to and from train stations.
  • to set up one-way tours.

It's usually easier to call a taxi if you have some phone numbers of taxi services in the area you're riding. A way to get a list is to do a search for "taxi" on a directory of business phone numbers such as -- Here's some towns and cities in this county on which might be helpful to search:

Paterson, Brewster, Carmel, Cold Spring (all in New York state)

Here's some taxi services we found in phone directories around 2003:

  • Route 22 Taxi, Paterson, NY
  • Route 22 Cab, Brewster, NY
  • Manny's Taxi, Brewster, NY
  • Orbes Taxi, Brewster, NY
  • Express Taxi Service, Brewster, NY
  • Brewster Taxi
  • A-1 Taxi - - Brewster, NY
  • Brookside Taxi, Carmel, NY
  • R E C Taxi, Carmel, NY
  • Highland Transit Corp

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Tourism -- Visit Putnam County 

Bicycling event -- Tour de Putnam 


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