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Routes for bicycling -- Other Peoples

Since we do not ride much in Hudson County ourselves, we'll start with some links to some routes by other people who are here more often: 

Routes for bicycling -- Ours

The first route below traverses Hudson County and also visits Manhattan and Staten Island.  It crosses the Bayonne Bridge and the George Washington Bridge, and visits a third:  the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.  And includes a ferry boat ride . . .

  • New York Harbor Circle -- 43 miles or 50 miles, mostly flat or gentle.  A tourism adventure circling around New York harbor -- not a "route" like the others on this website.  Excellent views of the Manhattan skyline from many angles, and lots of pretty views of big expanses of water.  Visits to a variety of New York and New Jersey neighborhoods.  Elegant modern spaces, great bridges, and striking historic architecture.  Start points:  Manhattan, Fort Lee NJ, Hoboken NJ, Liberty State Park NJ. [ Description | Maps + GPS | Photos ] 

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Calling a taxi services can be very helpful for bicycling: 

  • when your bicycle gets messed up bad enough so you cannot ride it -- or weather turns real bad -- and you still need to get home or back to your car.
  • to get to and from train stations.
  • to set up one-way tours.

It's usually easier to call a taxi if you have some phone numbers of taxi services in the area you're riding. A way to get a list is to do a search for "taxi" on a directory of business phone numbers such as -- Here's some towns and cities in this county on which might be helpful to search:

West New York, Union City, Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne

Here's some taxi services we found in phone directories around 2003:

  • Super Taxi, West New York, NJ
  • Champion Taxi, Union City, NJ
  • Best Taxi, Union City, NJ
  • Hoboken Taxi, Hoboken, NJ
  • Buscanero Taxi, Hoboken, NJ
  • Ace Taxi, Jersey City, NJ
  • Bergen City Grove Taxi, Jersey City, NJ
  • Archie's Cab, Bayonne, NJ
  • Bayonne City Yellow Cab :: Bayonne, NJ

southeast Bergen county:

  • A-1 Car Services, Fort Lee, NJ
  • Skyline Taxi, Edgewater, NJ
  • Scotty's Taxi, Cliffside Park NJ



Ferry boat

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