B -- Peekskill train station to Croton River Map
GW Bridge to Bear Mt Bridge Loop Description
East side of the River : South-bound Reports
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Miles Mark Turn This Leg Description Abbreviations + Symbols
Begin Section     Peekskill train station (Metro North) List of Cue Sheets
0.0 L 0.0 Hudson Av (East up hill) Summary of Cue Sheets
0.0 R 1.3 South St (turn comes just before go under Rt 9)
0.5 EE cross Louisa St
0.5 Side trip to visit Charles Point, for fine views of the river and mountains: Turn R to on Louisa St and go West 0.4Mi
1.3 T R 0.4 unsigned- Rt 9A South
1.7 EE R 0.1 to Village of Buchanan: unsigned- Tate Ave
1.7 Variation B-2 to save some miles, but miss some river views: continue Straight on Rt 9A South 1.3Mi, to rejoin main route at mile 6.5
        > > shortens route by 3.5 miles and 215 vertical feet of climbing
1.8 R 1.4 Westchester Ave
3.2 EE L 0.1 6th St
3.3   R 0.5 Riverview Ave
3.8 site Verplanck Point -- fine view of the river
3.8 R 0.3 Broadway (North)
4.1 EE R 0.7 6th St (East)
4.8 R 1.0 Sunset Rd
5.8 T L 0.7 Dutch St
5.8   Side trip   to visit Georges Island Park for a nice river view: R on Dutch St and down the hill.
6.5 T R 0.5 Rt 9A South
7.0 R 0.4 Crugers Station Rd
7.0 Variation B-3 to save some miles, but miss some river views: continue Straight on Rt 9A South 1.1Mi, to rejoin main route at mile 9.1
        > > shortens route by 1 mile and 246 vertical feet of climbing
7.4 L 0.2 Crugers Ave
7.6 Straight 0.3 becomes Cortlandt St (but do not take the "Cortlandt St" which is a right turn)
7.9 BR 0.5 pass by dirt road (which is unsigned Maiden Lane)
8.4 L 0.7 becomes (unsigned) Furnace Dock Rd, goes up a hill.
9.1 T R 3.3 Rt 9A South
10.6 pass by Old Post Rd
11.7 pass by Rt 129 Map
12.4 R 0.2 sign for Croton Harmon train station (Croton Point Ave) Description
12.6   train   Croton Harmon train station (Metro North) Reports
12.6   Side trip   to visit Croton Point Park for some river views: continue Straight southwest on Croton Point Ave, follow signs. How to Use this Cue Sheet
12.6 L - path 0.8 bike path next to Rt 9 (turn comes after passing underneath Rt 9, path is on R side of Rt 9 South-bound entrance ramp) -- path crosses Croton River, with views of marshland Abbreviations + Symbols
13.1       cross the Croton River List of Cue Sheets
13.4   End Section   end of bike path across Croton River Summary of Cue Sheets
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