C -- through Ossining to Rt 117 Map
GW Bridge to Bear Mt Bridge Loop Description
East side of the River : South-bound Reports
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Miles Mark Turn This Leg Description Abbreviations + Symbols
Begin Section     end of bike path across Croton River List of Cue Sheets
0.0 Straight - South 1.5 Rt 9 South (Rt 9A goes left) Summary of Cue Sheets
0.6 pass by Old Croton Aqueduct
1.5 R 0.1 Aqueduct St (turn comes after Malcolm St, at bottom of hill)
1.5 Variation C-3 to save some time, but deal with lots more vehicle traffic, and miss some city sights: continue Straight on Rt 9 South 1.3Mi, R on Rockledge 0.2Mi, L on Revolutionary Rd to rejoin main route at mile 3.2. [not checked since 1996] ??
        > > shortens route by 0.2 mile and 55 vertical feet of climbing
1.6 under-pass pass under Old Croton Aqueduct
1.6 L 0.2 unsigned- Brandreth St (South) (Ann St goes R)
1.8 EE R 0.1 Main St -- Ossining, NY
1.9 L 0.6 State St (South)
2.3 site Sing Sing Prison
2.5 L 0.1 unsigned- Lafayette Ave
2.6 R 0.5 Spring St (South) -- down steep hill
3.1 T L 0.1 unsigned- Rockledge Ave
3.2 R 0.2 Revolutionary Rd
3.2 Variation C-4 to save some distance, but deal with lots more vehicle traffic, and miss some river views: continue Straight on Rockledge Ave 0.1Mi, R on Rt 9 South 1.1Mi, to rejoin main route at mile 5 Map
        > > shortens route by 0.6 mile and 45 vertical feet of climbing Description
3.4 R 1.6 Kemeys Ave (goes down to river) Reports
3.9 train pass by Scarborough Station -- views of Tappan Zee and Hook Mt -- best views are from a little park just south of the station How to Use this Cue Sheet
      becomes River Rd, climbs up steeply at first, then moderately, curves left (Creighton is a shortcut) Abbreviations + Symbols
5.0 T R 1.4 Rt 9 South [HH - two lanes each way, no shoulder, as of June 2004] List of Cue Sheets
6.4 End Section intersection of Rt 9 with Rt 117 Summary of Cue Sheets
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