D -- through Sleepy Hollow Map
GW Bridge to Bear Mt Bridge Loop Description
East side of the River : South-bound Reports
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Miles Mark Turn This Leg Description Abbreviations + Symbols
Begin Section     intersection of Rt 9 with Rt 117 List of Cue Sheets
0.0   Straight - South 0.3 Rt 9 South Summary of Cue Sheets
0.0 Variation D-2 to save some miles, but deal with more vehicle traffic, and miss some river views and quiet neighborhoods: continue Straight on Rt 9 South 1.2Mi, to rejoin main route at mile 2.5
0.3 R 0.5 Sleepy Hollow Manor -- just after traffic light: unsigned- Hemlock Dr
0.8 R 0.2 Lakeview Ave
1.0 L 0.8 Pokahoe Dr, becomes Riverside Dr
1.6   train   Philipse Manor train station (Metro North)
    view   views of the River while riding on Riverside Dr
1.8 T L 0.1 unsigned- Palmer Ave
1.9 R 0.2 Munroe Ave (South) Map
2.1   site   to visit DeVries County Park: turn R on DeVries Ave Description
2.1   L 0.1 DeVries Ave Reports
2.2 R 0.3 Bellwood Ave How to Use this Cue Sheet
2.3 turns Left, becomes Pierson Ave Abbreviations + Symbols
2.5 EE End Section   Rt 9 (North Broadway) at the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow List of Cue Sheets
2.5   Side trip   visit the Old Dutch Church (1685) and explore Sleepy Hollow Cemetery -- across Rt 9 from Pierson Ave / Bellwood Ave Summary of Cue Sheets
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