F -- through Irvington to Dobbs Ferry Map
GW Bridge to Bear Mt Bridge Loop Description
East side of the River : South-bound Reports
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Miles Mark Turn This Leg Description Abbreviations + Symbols
Begin Section     Rt 9 bridge over New York State Thruway List of Cue Sheets
0.0   Straight - South 1.7 Rt 9 South Summary of Cue Sheets
0.4 site pass by Old Croton Aqueduct trail. (Dirt trail angles away southwest from the road, starting at gap in stone wall on right (west side) with low wooden posts)
0.4   Variation F-2   to get off Rt 9 and ride on a dirt path: BR to ride on the Old Croton Aqueduct trail (dirt path) -- path is rough through Lyndhurst (as of Sept 2002), not worth it unless you also leave the OCA trail and ride around more of the beautiful Lyndhurst estate.
        About 0.8Mi to Sunnyside Lane, total of 1.5Mi to Main St, Irvington. For more on the OCA, see
        Old Croton Aqueduct trail
0.6 site Lyndhurst -- a rather beautiful estate to visit
1.0 site Sunnyside -- to visit this historic site, turn R on Sunnyside Lane
1.7 R 0.1 Main St, Irvington, NY
1.7 Variation F-3 For a much faster riding surface, but more complex traffic interaction: continue Straight on Rt 9 South 1.7Mi, EE-BR at Ashford Ave 0.1Mi, EE-R on Cedar St 0.2Mi, L on Main St to rejoin main route in Dobbs Ferry at mile 3.6 ?? Miles
1.8   Variation to visit more of Irvington: continue Straight on Main St (West) down a big hill. To then reach a park beside the river, T - R, T - L, curve L and go south a ways to the Park entrance.
1.8   L - parking lot 1.8 Old Croton Aqueduct goes through a municipal parking lot here. Turn comes by Aqueduct Place, just before a large brick building on right with a parking lot of its own.
1.9 Straight - dirt path Old Croton Aqueduct (South).
For more on the OCA, see
        Old Croton Aqueduct trail
2.0       trail takes a viaduct high over Station Rd -- warning signs
2.2   cross   trail crosses Dows Lane (just after baseball field on left)
2.4   cross   trail crosses Clinton Ave -- not much to see
2.8   cross   trail crosses Ardsley Ave (second street after Dows Lane -- Ardsley Ave comes just after trail briefly joins a paved path, then changes back to dirt) Map
2.8   Variation   The next segment of the trail can be rougher and sometimes wetter. To avoid it, turn Right onto Ardsley Ave, then a quick Left onto Hancock Place for 0.2Mi. At its end turn Left onto Hudson Rd and then a quick Right to rejoin the OCA trail heading south. Description
3.0   cross   cross Hudson Rd, trail enters Mercy College campus. Reports
    cross   cross campus road. There is at least one more crossing of a road or driveway while going through the campus. Can also ride through on campus roads and parking lots west of the OCA trail, then rejoin trail where it leaves the campus at an uphill dirt section. How to Use this Cue Sheet
        Trail leaves the Mercy College campus at an uphill dirt section just after crossing a paved campus road -- then goes back to its usual secluded and shaded character Abbreviations + Symbols
3.6   curve R - dirt   to avoid a steep embankment, make an obvious curve right and go up a hill to the street. Most bicyclists will walk their bikes up this short uphill/side-hill. List of Cue Sheets
3.6   End Section   Dobbs Ferry -- intersection of Cedar St and Main St Summary of Cue Sheets
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