G -- Dobbs Ferry to Yonkers Map
GW Bridge to Bear Mt Bridge Loop Description
East side of the River : South-bound Reports
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Miles Mark Turn This Leg Description Abbreviations + Symbols
Begin Section     Dobbs Ferry -- intersection of Cedar St and Main St List of Cue Sheets
0.0 Straight - South 0.4 Main St (South) Summary of Cue Sheets
    Variation G-2   Old Croton Aqueduct -- to see an OCA interpretive kiosk and the Overseer's House, then continue riding south on the OCA: instead of going straight onto Livingston, turn L up Walnut St (steep climb), R on Hatch Terrace, then cross Rt 9 and perhaps a little to the left onto a dirt path which is the OCA.
      OCA trail continues South (with several road crossings): 1.2Mi to the big intersection with Farragut and Broadway, then another 3.8Mi to where this section of the OCA ends at Lamartine Ave in Yonkers.
        There turn R on Lamartine Ave 0.1Mi (down steep hill), and L on Warburton Ave to rejoin main route. For more on the OCA see
0.4 BL 0.3 becomes Livingston Ave (South)
0.7 EE R 0.7 Rt 9 South
1.4 EE R 4.5 Warburton Ave (South)
4.5 site   for a nice waterfront view: at Trevor Park, turn R onto JFK Memorial Drive, and go down to the JFK Marina Map
4.6 site   Hudson River Museum Description
5.9 site   Philipse Manor Hall building Reports
5.9 EE R 0.2 Dock St How to Use this Cue Sheet
6.1 L 0.1 Buena Vista Ave Abbreviations + Symbols
6.1 site   to visit the new waterfront area, continue straight West under railroad tracks. List of Cue Sheets
6.2 EE End Section   intersection of Main St and Buena Vista Summary of Cue Sheets
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