H -- Yonkers to Manhattan Map
GW Bridge to Bear Mt Bridge Loop Description
East side of the River : South-bound Reports
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Miles Mark Turn This Leg Description Abbreviations + Symbols
Begin Section     intersection of Main St and Buena Vista List of Cue Sheets
0.0 EE Straight - South 0.4 Buena Vista Ave (South) Summary of Cue Sheets
0.4   L 0.1 Herriot St (unsigned as of June 2004, next L turn after Vark St)
0.5   R 0.8 Hawthorne St
1.3 EE L 0.2 Valentine Lane (East)
1.5 EE R 1.3 Riverdale Ave (South) - becomes Henry Hudson Parkway service road [HH]
1.5 Variation H-1   for the most time down by the River, but lots more hill: after 0.4Mi on Riverdale, turn R on 261st St (just past College of Mount St Vincent), L on Palisade Ave, T-L 254th St, R Sycamore Ave (very rough as of Sept 2002), L 252nd St, R Independence Ave / Bingham Rd to rejoin main route. [last checked May 2002]
1.5   Variation H-2   for less time on Riverdale Ave, but more hill: after 1Mi on Riverdale, turn R on West 254th St (just where Riverdale Ave lanes divide), L on Independence Ave / Bingham Rd (sign is hard to see -- turn comes in after the start of a steep downhill, obvious sign says "Hudson River Rd"). [last checked May 2002]
1.5   Variation H-3   to shorten the route distance: go further on Riverdale Ave for a total of 2Mi (becomes Henry Hudson Parkway service road), turn L at 239th St, and soon BR at circle with bell tower, continue down big hill on Riverdale Ave 0.6Mi, EE - L on West 230th St to rejoin main route. [last checked June 2003]
        > > shortens route by 1.4 miles
1.5   Variation H-4   to avoid steep downhills, or go to subway station : go further on Riverdale Ave for a total of 1.6Mi (becomes Henry Hudson Parkway service road), turn L at 246th St 0.2Mi, R on Fieldston Rd 0.2Mi,
        L on Manhattan College Parkway 0.6Mi down long hill with wide curves to Broadway to IRT subway station at Broadway and 242nd St. Finish there or turn R onto Broadway (South) 1.2Mi to rejoin main route at Broadway Bridge. [last checked May 2004]
2.8 EE R 0.2 West 249th St (after Riverdale Ave lanes divide, sign for Wave Hill)
3.0   site   Wave Hill -- www.wavehill.org
3.0 T L 0.1 Independence Ave / Bingham Rd
3.1 R 0.2 unsigned- West 248th St -- down steep hill
3.3 T L 2.2 Palisade Ave (South) Map
4.4     pass by Kappock, pass by Independence Ave -- road climbs up as it curves Left -- pass by a right turn which goes down to Edsall Ave Description
4.8 pass underneath Henry Hudson Bridge, then down hill Reports
5.5 EE R 0.3 West 230th St How to Use this Cue Sheet
5.8 EE R 0.3 Broadway (South) Abbreviations + Symbols
6.1 bridge - sidewalk 0.1 cross over Harlem River on the Broadway Bridge List of Cue Sheets
6.2   End Section   south end of Broadway Bridge across the Harlem River, between the Bronx and Manhattan Summary of Cue Sheets
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