J -- Manhattan: Broadway Bridge to the GWB Map
GW Bridge to Bear Mt Bridge Loop Description
East side of the River : South-bound Reports
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Miles Mark Turn This Leg Description Abbreviations + Symbols
Begin Section     south end of Broadway Bridge across the Harlem River, between the Bronx and Manhattan List of Cue Sheets
0.0 Straight - South 0.2 continue on Broadway (South) Summary of Cue Sheets
0.2   R 0.2 218th St
    site   to visit a quiet wetland on the north end of the island: continue straight West on 218st a little ways to its end
0.4   L 0.7 Seaman Ave
1.1 EE cross 0.0 Dyckman St
1.1   Variation   to visit a park on the Hudson River by "Tubby Hook": turn R on Dyckman St and go West on it to its end.
1.1 T L 0.0 Riverside Drive
1.1   R 0.5 Broadway
1.6 R 0.7 Bennett Ave -- up a long hill
1.7   site   cliffs above
2.3 T R 0.1 West 181st St
2.4 EE L 0.2 Fort Washington Ave Map
2.6 EE R 0.1 West 177th St Description
2.7   R 0.1 Cabrini Blvd Reports
2.8   L 0.0 on sidewalk (West) How to Use this Cue Sheet
2.8 L 0.1 Beginning of south walkway across the George Washington Bridge, for bicyclists and pedestrians. On the initial uphill section, it starts narrow, and with a sharp turn. Abbreviations + Symbols
2.9 Straight 1.2 George Washington Bridge -- south walkway. Widens as you get up to main bridge level, but with some sharp bends. Please keep your speed down -- collisions with other bicyclists have occurred. Check GW Bridge info and Condition Reports links. List of Cue Sheets
4.1 Finish West end of South-side walkway of George Washington Bridge, at Hudson Terrace, Rt 505 South, in Fort Lee, New Jersey Summary of Cue Sheets
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