Kingston-Rhinecliff to Rip Van Winkle Bridge
East side of the River : North-bound   Description of route  
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Start intersection with Rt 199, east from the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, in Rhinecliff, NY   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
0.0 North 2.9 north on River Rd (Dutchess Co Rt 103)   Abbreviations + Symbols  
0.8 site Poets Walk -- for fine view of the Hudson, walk 0.5 Mi to the first gazebo.   Loop on Both sides Cue Sheet  
2.0 (cross Barrytown Rd / Station Hill Rd)   Info on Loop route  
2.9 BL 1.2 River Rd    
3.2 site Bard College (on both L and R) -- fun to explore      
4.1 T L 1.5 Rt 9G North [HH]
5.6   R 1.7 Kidd Rd
7.3 L 0.3 Broadway (Dutchess Co Rt 78)
7.3 food Tivoli, NY
7.6 R 2.0 Woods Rd (becomes Columbia Co Rt 35)
9.3 site Clermont State Park
9.6 L 3.5 Woods Rd (Columbia Co Rt 35)
13.1 food Germantown, NY
13.1 R 1.9 Columbia Co Rt 8 Eastbound
15.0 L 1.5 Eastern Parkway
16.5 T R 0.8 Dales Bridge Rd (down deep and back up)
17.3 T L 1.1 Wire Rd
18.4 R 1.8 Columbia Co Rt 10
20.2 L 4.0 Blue Hill Rd - Columbia County Rt 31
24.2 L 1.6 Columbia Co Rt 14
25.8 T R 1.2 Rt 9G [HH]
26.3 site Olana (climb hill to historic mansion and famous view)
27.0   Finish intersection with Rt 23, near the East end of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge
27.0 Variation Riding across the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge and turning around and coming back again is recommended -- about 3 miles round trip.
Route not checked by us since 2009: Roads change -- see Reports.
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