Kingston-Rhinecliff / Rip Van Winkle bridge loop
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Start       East end of Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
0.0   West 1.5 cross Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge -- Rt 199 West-bound. [HH - wide shoulders as of July 2004] (check Condition Reports)   Abbreviations + Symbols  
1.5   R 4.4 Rt 32 North [HH - shoulder not wide, but mostly present, as of July 2004]   One-way East side Cue Sheet  
1.5   Variation   To explore some riverside parks + views: Left on Rt 32 South 0.8Mi, L on Ulster Landing Rd (Ulster Count Rt 37) 3.9Mi, first East (after 0.1Mi access road to Right down to nice park), then North, after 1.9Mi pass by Kukuk Lane, then T - R on Rt 32 North 2.2Mi to rejoin main route
1.5   Variation   For a flatter route with mostly wider shoulders, but more vehicle traffic: Continue Straight on Rt 199 West [HH] 0.8Mi, R on Rt 9W North 4.3Mi [HH - mostly wide shoulders as of May 1998] to rejoin the main route.
5.9 T R 1.9 Rt 9W -- North / Rt 32 North [HH]
7.2   curves   some sharp turns both ways
7.7   bridge   bridge across Esopus Creek
7.8   R 0.1 Partition St (Rt 9W North) [HH]
7.9   food   Saugerties NY -- continue Straight on Partition St to center of village
7.9   R 0.1 Montgomery St
8.0   L 0.1 unsigned- Washington Av (North)
8.1   R 0.2 Post St
8.1   Variation   To bypass the lighthouse and shorten the route by 1.8Mi: continue Straigth on Washington Ave 0.1Mi, then continue across Rt 9W / Main St on the main route.
8.3   Straight - BR 0.7 becomes Lighthouse Dr (possibly unsigned -- Clermont St goes full R and unsigned Winderse St goes L)
9.0   site   U.S. Coast Guard station, view of cove to north
9.0   site   Trail to the actual lighthouse out in the midst of the Hudson River. Trail can be muddy -- recommended only after like three days of dry weather.
9.0   Turn around 0.7 unsigned- Lighthouse Dr
9.7   Straight - BL 0.2 becomes Post St (unsigned). (Clermont St goes L and unsigned Winderse St goes R)
9.9   R 0.1 unsigned- Washington Ave (North) (comes after Cedar St and Center St)
10.0   food   Saugerties, NY -- L on Main St to center of village
10.0 HH cross 1.4 Washington Ave (cross Rt 9W / Main St)
10.5   site   Cantine Field -- site of the annual Garlic Festival, and other Saugerties events
11.4 T R 0.5 Kraut Rd - (finishes with steep climb)
11.9 T L 6.2 Rt 9W North [HH]
13.9   site   West Camp, NY. Historical plaque by the St Paul's Lutheran church.   Description  
14.4   site   Cementon, NY   Reports  
18.1   R 5.0 Embought Rd (later becomes Broome St)   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
23.1   food   for food, go L on Grandview to 9W. After food, R-HH on 9W North, R on Bridge St, down hill to rejoin main route.   Abbreviations + Symbols  
23.1   cross 0.4 cross Grandview, go down big hill   One-way East side Cue Sheet  
23.5 T R 0.1 Bridge St [HH] (across Catskill Creek, up steep hill)      
23.6   R 0.8 Main St (south and east)
24.4   site   Dutchman's Landing park -- views of Hudson River, Rip Van Winkle bridge
24.4   site   Catskill Point Park -- views of Hudson River, Olana, Catskill Creek
24.4     sit-down food as of June 2003
24.4   Turn around 0.6 Main St (north and west)
25.0   food   continue on Main St to downtown city of Catskill, some sit-down places as of June 2003
25.0   R 0.2 Greene St
25.2   L 0.2 Liberty St
25.4   R 0.0 Bridge St
25.4   quick L 0.6 Rt 385 (North-bound)
26.0   food    
26.0   R 1.6 cross Rip Van Winkle Bridge -- Rt 23 East-bound [HH]
27.6   R 1.2 Rt 9G South [HH]
28.3   site   Olana (climb hill to historic mansion and famous view)
28.8   L 1.6 Columbia Co Rt 14 (East-bound)
30.4   R 4.0 Blue Hill Rd - Columbia County Rt 31 -- South
32.2       (cross Cold Spring Rd / Woodchuck Rd)
34.4   R 1.8 Columbia Co Rt 10 (West-bound)
36.2   L 1.1 Wire Rd
37.3   R 0.8 Dales Bridge Rd (steep down and steep back up again)
38.1   L 1.5 Eastern Parkway
39.6   R 1.9 Columbia Co Rt 8 (West-bound)
41.5   food   Germantown, NY
41.5 HH L 0.0 Rt 9G South [HH]
41.5   R 3.5 Woods Rd (Columbia Co Rt 35 -- South)
45.0 T R 2.0 Woods Rd
45.3   site   Clermont State Park
47.0 T L 0.3 Broadway (Dutchess Co Rt 78 -- East)
47.3   food   Tivoli, NY
47.3   R 1.7 Montgomery St, becomes Kidd Rd
49.0 T R 1.5 Rt 9G South [HH - shoulder narrow + eroded as of 2009]      
50.5   R 4.1 Dutchess County Rt 103 -- Annandale Rd / River Rd   Description  
50.8   site   Bard College (on both L and R) -- fun to explore   Reports  
52.2       cross Barrytown Rd / Station Hill Rd   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
53.8   site   Poets Walk -- for a fine view of the Hudson, walk 0.5 Mi to the first gazebo.   Abbreviations + Symbols  
54.6 EE R 0.9 Rt 199 West [HH]   One-way East side Cue Sheet  
55.1   Finish   East end of Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge      
Route not checked by us since 2009: Roads change -- see Reports.
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