Walkway over Hudson / Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge loop
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Start       Poughkeepsie, NY near the east end of the Walkway over the Hudson [www.walkway.org], at the intersection of Garden St and Parker Av / rt 9G   Reports  
0.0   Variation MHB   This point can also be reached from the Poughkeepsie train station or from the Mid-Hudson Bridge. For details + map, see the route Mid-Hudson Bridge / Walkway loop:   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
        www.roberts-1.com/bikehudson/r/r/mh_ww   Abbreviations + Symbols  
0.0   Northeast 0.9 Parker Av / rt 9G North [HH]      
0.4       cross N Clinton / Buckingham -- becomes Violet Ave
0.9 EE R 0.5 Pendell Rd (see radio tower on Right)
1.4 EE L 0.8 Creek Rd (do not continue straight into Dutchess Community College parking lot)
2.2   R 1.1 Cream St, becomes Bennet Rd
3.3 T R 0.0 unsigned- E Dorsey Lane
3.3   quick L 0.3 unsigned- Beck Rd
3.6   BR 0.6 Beck Rd
4.2 T R 0.4 Dutchess Hill Rd -- Dutchess Co rt 40
4.6 T L 1.8 Cream St -- Dutchess Co rt 39
6.1       (pass by Haviland Rd)
6.4 T R 0.9 Crum Elbow Rd / Netherwood Rd
7.3 EE L 4.3 Quaker Lane -- Dutchess Co Rt 16 (North)
10.0       (pass by Fallkill Rd)
11.6 T L 1.0 Hollow Rd -- Dutchess Co Rt 14
12.6 HH Straight across 0.3 cross Rt 9G -- becomes Mills Cross
12.9   BL 1.4 (pass by Kipp Rd)
14.3 T R 0.8 Rt 9 North [HH - reasonable shoulder as of 2009]
15.1 HH L 2.1 S Mill Rd
16.0   view   view of waterfall underneath bridge, and marsh by Hudson River
        (two short sections on dirt, as of 2009)
17.2   L 2.1 Morton Rd (Dutchess Co Rt 85)
19.2       (pass by Orchard St)
19.3   L 0.0 (unsigned) Butler St (turn comes in midst of downhill, look for sign for Bike Route A as of 2009)
19.3   quick L 0.1 James St (going South)
19.4   sharp R 0.3 (unsigned) Grinnell St (turn comes at top of hill, and before the end of James St)
19.4   view   view across the River to the Kingston lighthouse and mouth of the Rondout Creek
19.7 T R 0.1 (unsigned) Shatzell St
19.7   view   can walk up on pedestrian overpass above railroad tracks
19.8   site   Rhinecliff, NY
19.8   L 1.0 Charles St (sign says Kelley?), later becomes Rhinecliff Rd (Rt 308 East)
19.9   train   Rhinecliff train station -- Amtrak
19.9   Variation   to visit a little park by the water of the Hudson River: L on Hutton St, bridge across railroad tracks with view, then curve L and down hill.
20.8   L 0.8 Ryan Rd -- turn comes just before turn for Rt 103
20.8   Variation (food)   To visit Rhinebeck, NY -- has food and other things: Continue Straight East (becomes Rt 308) about 1 mile to the intersection with Rt 9.
        To return, turn around and come back West on West Market St, and just after River Rd (Dutchess Co Rt 103), turn R on Ryan Rd to rejoin main route. [last checked 2003]
21.6 T L 2.7 River Rd (Dutchess Co Rt 103) [the section of this north of Mt Rutsen Rd is often HH]
24.3 EE L 2.2 Rt 199 West [HH - wide shoulders as of 2009]
25.2   bridge   cross Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge [HH - wide shoulders as of 2009] (check Condition Reports)
26.5   Exit - BR 0.1 Rt 32 exit
26.6   food   gas station / convenience store just south of end of exit ramp - (note that most of the food at the Rondout waterfront is slower "sit down", so if you need quicker refueling, might want to do it here)
26.6 T L 2.2 Rt 32 South [HH - wide shoulder as of 2009]
27.7   Variation E   To avoid more miles on high-speed high-traffic roads, and to avoid the vehicle traffic interaction of the exit and entrance ramps of Rt 9W: After 1.1Mi on Rt 32, turn L on Main St,
        which becomes Devil's Lake Rd, then becomes First Ave (2.3 Mi). At stop sign, BL, then quick BR to continue on First Ave (0.5Mi). T - L on Delaware Ave 0.2 Mi, EE - R on Murray 0.3 Mi, then
        just before Rt 9W, turn L into apartment complex parking, turn R to go underneath railroad tracks, EE - cross Rt 9W onto Garraghan St to rejoin main route. [last checked 2003]
28.8   L 1.2 Rt 9W South [HH - wide shoulder as of 2009, except where need skills for crossing an exit and an entrance ramp in the middle of the downhill]
29.7   Variation F   To visit a sandy beach on the Hudson River: After 0.9Mi on Rt 9W, turn L on Delaware Ave and go to end (about 1.3Mi). To return to the main route, turn around to Delaware,
        turn L onto North, which becomes E Strand St, and take this to the Roundout Waterfront. (need skills for tricky crossings of railroad tracks on Strand St.) [last checked 1997]
30.0 EE R 0.1 Garraghan St -- turn comes at bottom of hill      
30.1 EE L 0.1 Broadway   Map  
30.2   food   Rondout Waterfront -- Kingston, NY   Description  
30.2   R 0.1 Abeel St (turn comes in midst of hill)   Reports  
30.3   L 0.6 Wurts St [narrow roadway with eroded surface as of 2009, could use sidewalk instead]   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
30.3   bridge   cross the bridge with views of Rondout Creek   Abbreviations + Symbols  
30.9   R 0.8 Rt 9W South [HH]      
31.0   Variation   for some nice views across River to Rhinecliff station, but some steep hills down + up: L Canal St down steep to park by river, R to walk south along river on grassy path,
        continue onto (unsigned) Tilden St (can also reach Tilden by other streets without using grassy path), R on Main St up steep, L on rt 9W South to rejoin main route. [last checked 2009]
31.2   food   Port Ewen, NY
31.7   L 4.0 River Rd (nice views of Hudson River, but at the price of some hill work)
31.7   Variation G   To avoid the hill work on River Rd but miss the views: continue Straight on Rt 9W South [HH - wide shoulder as of 2003] about 1.2Mi, turn R on Ulster Ave about 1.8Mi, and R to rejoin main route on Union Center Rd [last checked 2003]
    view + picnic   Lighthouse Park - picnic benches beside river with view of Esopus lighthouse
35.7 T R 0.1 Rt 9W North [HH]
35.7   Variation H   To avoid some steep hills and save some miles: turn L on Rt 9W South for 8.1 miles. Shortly after passing Rt 299, turn R onto North Rd for 1.1Mi, then
        T - L onto New Paltz Rd / Main St 0.1Mi, R on Elting Place 0.2Mi, T - L on Phillips Ave / Commercial Ave 0.4Mi to rejoin main route [last checked by us 2003]
        (shortens route by 5.2 miles)
        (or could combine this Variation with Variation N)
35.8   L 0.2 Ulster Ave
36.0   L 0.6 Union Center Rd
36.6   BL 1.0 Union Center Rd (pass by Hellbrook)
37.6   L 2.9 Hardenburgh Rd (some hill work)
38.4   Variation J   for less total climbing, but more all at once: after 0.8Mi on Hardenburgh Rd, L on Soper Rd 1.8Mi, T - R Old Post Rd 1.4Mi, L Martin Swedish Rd to rejoin main route. [last checked by us in 1998]
40.5 T L 1.2 Old Post Rd
41.7   BL 0.2 Old Post Rd (pass by Dashville Rd)
41.9   R 2.1 Martin Swedish Rd (becomes Weston Rd)
44.0 T R 0.7 unsigned- Plutarch Rd
44.7   L 0.6 Black Creek Rd
45.3   BL 2.3 Hawleys Corners Rd (up hill) (N Elting Corners Rd goes R)
46.4   BR   pass by Martin Ave
47.6 T R 0.6 Chodikee Lake Rd
48.2 T L 0.6 Rt 299 East [HH -- wide shoulders as of 2009]
48.5   Variation
  for more riding close to the Hudson River (with more distance + climbing): after a short ways east on rt 299, L on N Riverside Dr to its end, cross rt 9W onto Red Top Rd, starts going east,
    see GPS track   later curves south + becomes Bellevue Rd. After a couple miles of so, bear Left to continue south on Bellevue Rd, curves right (west), down steep-ish, turn sharp Left on River Rd (east) downhill, later
        curves right, becomes Oakes Rd going south alongside Hudson River. Turn R on Mile Hill Rd (steep climb), next L (unsigned) south with more climb to its end,
        R on (unsigned) Haviland Rd a short ways, R on driveway to Walkway and rejoin main route [last checked by us 2009]
48.8   R 0.8 S Chodikee Lake Rd
49.6 T L 0.7 unsigned- New Paltz Rd      
50.3   R 0.5 Phillips Rd, becomes Commercial Ave   Map  
50.8 T R 0.2 Vineyard Ave / Rt 44 [HH]   Description  
50.8   Variation   to avoid a steep climb: R on Vineyard Av / rt 44, soon first L on Van Wagner Rd 0.2Mi to its end, R on sidewalk of rt 9W South 0.3Mi, at traffic light L on Haviland Av to rejoin main route [last checked by us 2009]    
51.0   L 0.5 Tillson Ave   Reports  
51.5 EE Straight across 0.5 cross Rt 9W onto Haviland Rd -- marked as "Bicycle Route over Bridge"   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
52.0   L 0.0 driveway for Walkway over the Hudson   Abbreviations + Symbols  
52.0   Variation MHB   to use the Mid-Hudson Bridge north sidewalk to cross the river (adds about 1.5 miles to route): see the route Mid-Hudson Bridge / Walkway loop:    
52.0   East on path 1.0 Walkway over the Hudson, east across the River
53.0   bear R 0.1 at east end of Walkway in Poughkeepsie, bear Right down asphalt path to reach the public road
53.1   L 0.0 Parker Av / rt 9G North [HH]
53.1   Finish   Poughkeepsie, NY near the east end of the Walkway over the Hudson [www.walkway.org], at the intersection of Garden St and Parker Av / rt 9G
This route not checked by us since 2009 - (see Description + Reports)
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