• where:  Poughkeepsie, NY and Highland, NY and the Hudson River between them.

  • 4 miles, gentle hilliness, substantial motor traffic on some sections, but more is off-road or on roads which normally get less motor traffic.

distances (approximate):
 * across Hudson River on Walkway:  1.5 miles
 * connect west side from Walkway to MHB sidewalk:  0.5 mile
 * across Hudson River on MHB sidewalk:  0.75 mile
 * connect east side from MHB sidewalk to Walkway: 1.4 miles
 * connect Poughkeepsie train station to Walkway: 1.1 mile
 . . . . . . . (less with shortcuts)

connects with these longer routes:
* Poughkeepsie - New Paltz connection
* Poughkeepsie -Salt Point connection
* Mid-Hudson / Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge loop
* Newburgh-Beacon / Mid-Hudson Bridge loop

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Mid-Hudson / Walkway loop [bhvr6w]  on Bikely | cue sheet | Google Earth KML | GPX

  • highlights:  Big views of the Hudson River and its shores and the bridges. The Walkway is in some category the longest bridge in the world for bicyclists and pedestrians without normal public motor vehicle traffic.

  • characteristics:

Walkway over the Hudson: wide and smooth surface as of 2009. Sometimes gets lots of walkers and runners and bicyclists and other users, especially on nice weekends and holidays -- which might sometimes make bicycle riding difficult. The Walkway is normally closed for all or part of night-time hours -- see official website.

Sidewalk on north side of Mid-Hudson Bridge: mostly smooth surface as of 2009, but kind of narrow. Would need to have fairly good steering and balance control to be able to ride a bicycle on it -- I remember seeing signs there advising bicyclists to walk. If did attempt to ride bicycle on it, there's not much room to pass walkers or other bicycles, so likely have to stop and make sure other users had enough comfortable space to get past - (I remember seeing a sign that bicyclists are required to yield to pedestrians). The times I've used this sidewalk on weekends, I've seen very few other users.

Hill climbs:  No steep hills, though there are two or three gentle-to-moderate uphill sections. But starting at the Poughkeepsie train station has a short steep-ish hill. And making a side-trip to the Poughkeepsie waterfront has a longer steep hill.

Traffic:  About half the riding is on off-road paths or sidewalks, the rest on public roads with motor vehicle traffic. A couple of the sections on public roads get substantial motor traffic, and some crossings of roads which get substantial motor traffic -- but more of the distance is on roads which normally get less motor traffic.

And it might have been a longer time since some of the Variations of the route were last checked by us.  Some roads and intersections might be different since then, or closed -- so be prepared to find alternatives -- a good reason to carry a detailed map. Other people may have more recent experiences with parts of the route which could help prepare: see the Reports page linked below.

Route not checked by us since 2009 -- learn more | see Reports

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  • directions to Start

see also: map + directions on Walkway over the Hudson website

GPS latitude-longitude (approximate):

main access to Walkway east end in Poughkeepsie from roads:
lat-long = 41.71171,-73.92446 = N41.71171 W73.92446

main access to Walkway west end in Highland from roads:
lat-long = 41.71014,-73.95522 = N41.71014 W73.95522

Poughkeepie train station upper level with main waiting room + ticket sales:
lat-long = 41.70668,-73.93760 = N41.70668 W73.93760

Poughkeepsie train station lower level with parking:
lat-long = 41.70598,-73.93841 = N41.70598 W73.93841

by train:  This loop route goes near the Poughkeepsie station (Metro North and Amtrak) -- see the Detail Map of Poughkeepsie.

GPS: If you have a GPS with the track for this route loaded, simple way is to walk uphill roughly east from the train station a short ways until you hit the route track, then follow the route track in the direction roughly north (soon turns east).  Or here's more detailed directions . . .

Exit the upper level thru the main waiting room, immediately turn Right and go south alongside flat driveway to its end. Left on Main St walk a short ways up steep-ish hill (steeper than anything on the loop route). At first traffic light turn Left on Clover St (going north) to join the final section of the loop route.

by car:  Poughkeepsie - (basic idea is to get to Poughkeepsie, then take rt 9 to rt 9G to the Walkway access).

From the New York State Thruway, take exit 18 for Poughkeepsie. After going thru toll plaza, Right on route 299 East about 4.5 miles, Right on route 9W South about 2 miles, then exit Right and follow signs to cross the Mid-Hudson Bridge over the Hudson River about 1.5 miles to Poughkeepsie. 
Coming off the bridge in Poughkeepsie, follow signs to get on Route 9 North for about 1 mile, look for signs for route 9G, turn Right at traffic light. Soon turn Right again (should be sign for 9G) and go south of Washington St about 0.5 mile. Just after going under railroad bridge turn Left on Parker Av (9G), soon after about 0.2 mile see access to Walkway on left side, with signs for parking.

From the Taconic State Parkway, exit onto Rt 44 West or Rt 55 West and follow either route west to the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Just before reaching the bridge follow signs to get on Route 9 North. Then follow directions in previous paragraph for "Coming off the bridge"

by carHighland - (basic idea is get on rt 9W toward the Mid-Hudson Bridge, and at the traffic light just north of the bridge approach, go east on Haviland Rd to the Walkway access.)

From the New York State Thruway, take exit 18 for Poughkeepsie. After going thru toll plaza, Right on route 299 East about 4.5 miles, Right on route 9W South about 2 miles. At traffic light just before exit for Mid-Hudson Bridge, Left on Haviland Rd and in 0.5 mile see access to Walkway on left, with signs for parking.

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