Newburgh-Beacon / Mid-Hudson Bridge loop
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Miles Mark Turn This Leg Description   Description  
Start   Begin Variation   intersection of Interstate Rt 84 and Rt 9D (East from end of Newburgh-Beacon Bridge)   Reports  
0.0   South 0.7 Rt 9D South [HH]   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
0.7 EE R 0.4 sign for railroad station -- Beekman St   Abbreviations + Symbols  
1.1   train   follow signs for Beacon train station -- Metro North      
1.1   site   to visit the riverside park, turn R on Red Flynn St and bridge over train tracks
1.1   Straight 0.3 pass by Red Flynn St and bridge over train tracks, curves left (East) becomes Wolcott Ave
1.2   site   Dia:Beacon art museum on right
1.4   Straight 0.6 Wolcott Ave -- joins Rt 9D South [HH]
2.0   L 0.4 Chestnut St
2.4 EE R 0.3 Main St
2.6   food   Beacon, NY
2.7   BL 0.1 pass by Tioronda and Churchill, continue on Main St
2.8   Straight 0.2 pass by East Main St
3.0   L 0.0 Herbert St
3.0   R 0.2 Blackburn Ave
3.2 T L 0.0 Fishkill Ave (Rt 52 West)
3.2   R 0.3 Wilkes St (West-bound)
3.5   Straight 0.2 off-street path around guard rail, then continue on Wilkes St
3.7 T L 0.1 N Elm St
3.8   R 0.3 Orchard Place   Map  
3.8   BL   Orchard Place (pass by E Willow St)   Description  
3.9   BL   Orchard Place (pass by W Willow St), becomes Talbot Ave   Reports  
4.1 T R 0.4 Rt 9D North [HH]   How to Use this Cue Sheet  
4.5   End Variation   traffic light at intersection with Interstate Rt 84 -- rejoin main route at mile 0.0 -- continue Straight on Rt 9D North   Abbreviations + Symbols  
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