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New York Harbor Circle


The cue sheet directions for this route go in the counter-clockwise direction around New York harbor.  In the past, we have also ridden some sections in the clockwise direction. 

Pros and Cons

  • One advantage of riding clockwise is that there is less traffic impact from cross streets on Riverside Drive in Manhattan and Richmond Terrace in Staten Island, since the water is always on your right side. 
  • But it turns out that in a sizable portion of the New Jersey side of the route, there is less cross street impact riding counter-clockwise, because there are shopping centers next to the water, but there is a steep hill or cliff on the other side. 
  • A disadvantage of riding clockwise is that you have to climb up the steepest and longest hill, with narrow shoulders (on Rt 505 near the GWB). 
  • A danger of riding clockwise is that in that direction the Bayonne Bridge sidewalk ends going straight down a flight of stairs. 

Having done it both ways, we prefer it counter-clockwise.  

If you want to try it clockwise, two things to watch out for are that (1) a street might have a different name on the sign -- or no sign -- when encountered from the opposite direction; and (2) traffic patterns may be very different when taken in the opposite direction -- illegal or more hazardous -- notably some streets may by one-way against you.  Some places to be aware of when riding in the clockwise direction:  

(a) in Jersey City, you may prefer Luis Munoz Marin Blvd -- over Grove St and Manila St, part of which are one-way against clockwise (as of July 2002);  

(b) one-way streets in Hoboken; 

(c) in Edgewater, Undercliff Rd has several sections one-way against clockwise. 

(d) consider taking a different approach to the Bayonne Bridge from the south, to avoid taking Morningstar uphill in traffic. 

And there will surely be other key differences in traffic patterns. 

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