In the Shadow of the Catskills
  • where:  Greene County, NY -- all around the county, except the parts actually in the Catskill mountains.

  • 79 miles, hilly (4400 vertical feet, hill index 3.8). 

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74 miles, with both variations B and F. 

  • highlights:  quiet farms and houses in the interior of the county, the  four pavilions on the Hudson -- and the different views of the great wall of the Catskills -- sometimes far in the distance, sometimes right alongside.

We think of it having several sections:  (1) riding south along the Hudson River, (2) west across meadows to close views of the Catskill mountains, (3) riding north out in the middle of nowhere, with an oasis stop, (4) east still out there in the middle, (5) south with big views on both sides with the Catskill mountains and the River. 

We have tried different variations of this ride over the years, and like this one the best so far.  And there's still plenty of Greene Country yet to be explored.

One of our favorite rides.  Story of this route  

A) Catskill to West Camp [bhvw3a]:

map on Bikely | Google Earth KML | GPX

B) West Camp to South Cairo [bhvw3b]:

map on Bikely | Google Earth KML | GPX

C) South Cairo to New Baltimore [bhvw3c]

map on Bikely | Google Earth KML | GPX

D) New Baltimore to Catskill [bhvw3d]:

map on Bikely | Google Earth KML | GPX
overview map (non-digital non-GPS) normal resolution | large | very large
  • characteristics:  One long hill (Potic Mountain Rd, 500 vertical feet), and lots of other short steep ones -- but also some long gentle sections.  

Traffic:  Much of the route is on quiet roads, but there are 6 miles on Route 9W between Catskill and Saugerties, which gets a good amount of high-speed traffic (and the alternate Saugerties start has more of Route 9W, and also a short section on busy Main St and Market St).  Route 385, Route 144, and Route 32 often have a significant amount of high-speed traffic.

Road surface:  Some of the roads in the interior of Greene County do not always get high priority in maintenance, so be ready for rough surfaces and potholes.

Dogs:  We've been encountering some loose dogs out there in the middle of Greene County (as of June 2003). 

see Road Conditions and Trip Reports

And it might have been a longer time since some of the Variations of the route were last checked by us.  Some roads and intersections might be different since then, or closed -- so be prepared to find alternatives -- a good reason to carry a detailed map. Other people may have more recent experiences with parts of the route which could help prepare: see the Reports page linked below.

Route not checked by us since 2009 -- learn more | see Reports

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  • directions to Start: 

By train:  Take Amtrak to Hudson, NY, take Route 9G South, then Route 23 West to cross the Rip Van Winkle bridge.  Then Left onto Route 385 South to join the route

By car:  NY Thruway to Exit 21 (Catskill).  Then either find your way into downtown Catskill and park, or take Route 23 East and meet the route at Route 385 South.

Alternate start in Saugerties:  New York Thruway to exit 20 (Saugerties).  Then go East on Route 212 and Route 32 South about 1.1 miles into Saugerties to their junction with Route 9W at a traffic light.  Continue on Route 9W about two blocks, turn Left onto Washington Avenue and find parking near the high school or athletic fields.  Or turn Right onto Route 9W South (Partition St) and go about 1 block to the sign for Municipal Parking. 

Other starting points:  Leeds on Route 23B, Alcove Reservoir, Coeymans Landing, Coxsackie.

  • maps:  You should have a detailed (paper) road map of Greene County to do this route (and for the alternate Saugerties start, a map of Ulster County).  See Maps.  See also digital mapping resources above.

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Route Direction "Cue" Sheet - - Map | Trip Reports | Photos 

We also show directions for the alternate start and finish in Saugerties -- see Variations cue sheet -- since we often start the route near there

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