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    Note ---> "UC rt 6" = Ulster County Route 6
Start        Main St of New Paltz, NY (Rt 299) at its intersection with Huguenot St and Water St, which is west of Rt 32 (Chestnut St) and just east of the Wallkill River bridge. (GPS latitude-longitude = N41.7466,W74.0900 = 41.7466,-74.0900)
0.0   West 0.1 Main St (Rt 299 West) [HH - bad or no shoulder, as of August 2004]
0.0   bridge   cross the Wallkill River 
0.1   R 0.4 Springtown Rd (UC rt 7 -- North)
0.5   L 1.0 Mountain Rest Rd (UC rt 6 -- West)
1.5   L 1.7 Butterville Rd (one sign says Canaan Rd)
3.2   R 3.8 Rt 299 West [HH - no shoulder, as of August 2009]
3.2   Variation   to avoid riding with no shoulder on route 299: could consider trying: continue straight (south) on Albany Post Rd to its end, R on UC rt 7, R on Guilford Rd to its end, R on rt 44 West to rejoin main route. But those other roads have little or no shoulder either, and we haven't checked that variation since 1996.
7.0   food   at intersection of Rt 299 + Rt 44
7.0 T R 4.5 Rt 44 West [HH -- wide lanes, mostly reasonable shoulders, as of August 2004].  Several fine climbs ("Minnewaska East")
11.5    Straight 4.7 pass by Minnewaska State Park main entrance -- continue on Rt 44 West [HH -- wide lanes, mostly reasonable shoulders, as of August 2004] -- big descent ("Minnewaska West"), great views.
16.2   R 0.6 ? name (sign nearby says Francis Rd) - becomes main street of Kerhonkson -- turn is the next Right after Lower Granit Rd, which comes during the long downhill, but after Rt 44 rises a little after crossing a creek just at the bottom of a steep downhill section.
16.2   Variation A   to finish the long downhill (or if miss the Right turn): continue west down Rt 44 0.8Mi, T - R on Rt 209 North 0.6Mi, EE - L Clay Hill Rd to rejoin main route. (adds 1 mile to route distance) [last checked in 1999]
16.2   Variation B   to add 5 miles and ride on a dirt road + rough road: continue west down Rt 44 0.8Mi, EE - L Rt 209 South 2.5Mi [HH -- wide traffic lanes, mostly reasonable shoulders, as of Nov 2006], R on Lundy Rd 2.2Mi [rough surface as of Nov 2006], R on Roque Harbor Rd (dirt) 2.8Mi, T - L unsigned Cherrytown Rd to rejoin main route (adds 5 miles to route distance) [last checked Nov 2006]
16.8   food   Kerhonkson, NY
16.8 EE straight
1.5 Clay Hill Rd (cross Rt 209)
16.9       BL to pass by Academy St
18.3  T L 0.2 UC rt 3 West
18.5   L 3.6 Cherrytown Rd
19.9       pass by Roque Harbor Rd
22.1    L 4.2 Upper Cherrytown Rd (this turn comes up suddenly, just after Baker Rd)
26.3   BR 0.3 Trails End - Upper Cherrytown Rd
26.6    L 0.6 unsigned- Palentown Rd (pass by Sundown Rd)
27.2    BR 0.9 (pass by Rocky Mt Rd)
28.1 T L 1.4 UC rt 3 / Samsonville Rd
29.5    food    Tetta's -- at intersection with UC rt 2
29.5   BL 3.2 UC rt 3 (leads to a big descent)
32.7       BR to pass by High Point Rd
33.2 T L 0.2 unsigned- UC rt 3  (Acorn Hill Rd goes R)
33.4 T R 1.1 Rt 28A East
34.5   sharp L 1.4 unsigned- Monument Rd (if you reach Rt 213, you've gone too far) -- carefully pass around or thru barriers, then road crosses the main dam for the Ashokan Reservoir, later must carefully pass around or thru more barriers.
    view   View of the Ashokan Reservoir and the summits around its West end, especially Mt Cornell and Mt Wittenberg. The highest summit in the Catskills is Slide Mt, visible behind the others.
35.9   site   to ride across the middle of the Ashokan Reservoir, turn L onto Reservoir Rd, ride over the bridge about 0.2Mi, then turn around and come back. 
35.9   Variation D    To make a nice (long) loop around West end of the reservoir:  Turn L onto Reservoir Rd and go north to its end. Turn L on Rt 28 West [HH], later look for Food at "By Bread Alone" on parallel road on north side of Rt 28. Turn L on Rt 28A East just before Boiceville (food), go several miles to rejoin main route and repeat the section on Monument Rd that leads to this point.  Adds 13 miles to route total.
35.9   Straight 0.1 continue on Monument Rd (East)
36.0   L - path 1.1 unsigned- pass carefully around or thru barriers.  Paved path goes East along the south side of lake.
37.1   R 0.3 unsigned- pass carefully around or thru barriers, ride South on road (sometimes known as Frying Pan Rd)
37.4 T L 0.5 Rt 28A - East
37.9   site   to see the spillway of reservoir, with a view across lake, continue straight on Rt 28A about 0.1Mi, then turn around and come back to Stone Church Rd
37.9   R 0.7 Stone Church Rd (South)
38.5   bridge   cross reservoir spillway creek (interesting view)
38.6   R 0.1 Ashokan Rd - (but the sign might say Spillway Rd)
38.7   BR 4.3 Ashokan Rd (pass by Lapla Rd) -- climb, then a long rolling descent.
43.0   R 1.4 Hurley Mountain Rd (UC rt 5 - South)
44.4 T L 0.4 unsigned- Old Tongore Rd
44.8   R 0.4 Bogart Lane
45.2 T L 0.9 Mill Dam Rd
46.1 EE R 0.5 unsigned- Rt 209 South [HH - shoulders not very wide]
46.1   food   at intersection of Mill Dam + Cottekill w 209, and additional opportunities south on rt 209
46.6   L 1.5 Leggett Rd  (just before Mobil gas station)
48.1 T R 0.3 unsigned- Lucas Turnpike (UC rt 1 - South)
48.4 EE L 0.5 Rt 213 East [HH]
48.9   food   High Falls, NY
48.9   R 1.1 UC rt 6A
48.9   Variation E   To avoid the big "Mohonk West" hill: Continue on Rt 213 East toward Rosendale, turn R onto James St, R onto Keaton St, L onto Elting Rd, becomes Springtown Rd (UC rt 7). [not checked since 2004]
50.0   BL 1.7 UC rt 6A (Cedar Hill Rd goes straight)
51.7   Straight 1.8 pass by Clove Rd -- becomes UC rt 6 East - Mountain Rest Rd.  Big climb ("Mohonk West") which keeps getting steeper -- the hardest on this route
53.5   site   just after going under a bridge, see the gatehouse for Mohonk Mountain House on R.  If need water, try asking.
53.5   Straight 2.2 continue Ulster Co Rt 6 East -- big descent, "Mohonk East" -- sudden Stop sign at bottom.
55.7   cross 1.2 cross Butterville Rd / Canaan Rd (continue on Mountain Rest Rd)
56.9 T R 0.4 Springtown Rd (UC rt 7 - South)
57.3 T L 0.1 Rt 299 East [HH - bad or no shoulder, as of August 2004]
57.4   bridge   cross Wallkill River into New Paltz
57.4   Finish   Main St and Huguenot St, New Paltz, NY

Route not checked by us since 2009 -- learn more | see Reports

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