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Finding Partners to ride with 

How can I find riding partners? 

For most people, the best way is to join a bicycling club.  Check out the list of clubs

For some other ideas, see our page on Finding Partners

How can I find an organized ride for a day? 

Try our page of Events, and also look on the websites of Clubs

Finding Routes 

What are some routes near my special place?

Here are some routes for frequently requested places:  

If you know roughly where it is on a map, try going to the main map and clicking near your place -- or click on the name of a place near yours.  

For bicyling-related information beyond just routes, see the directory of towns and counties and local areas

If you know which county, you can look under Routes by County.  For each route, check the list of "start points" for the name of a town near your desired place. 

If you know which side of the Hudson River, you could look under East side, West side, right along the River (perhaps on Both sides), or New York City.  For each route, check the list of "start points" for the name of a town near your desired place.  

Where can I find nice places to ride together with my children? 

See our map of Gentler Places : mostly Off-road -- or the text page of Gentler Places.  Many of these places are good for a family with a variety of interests and requirements -- inline skates (e.g. "Roller Blades" trademark), roller skates, wheelchair, jogging, -- or walking with a stroller. 

What are some gentle or shorter routes? 

Try our list of routes sorted by difficulty category, under Flat or Gentle

See our map of shorter routes

Sometimes I don't have access to a car.  What are some routes that I can reach by putting me and my bike on a train?

See the list of train stations with nearby bicycle routes

Which routes are the best

Best for who?  and for what?

One thing for sure, everybody has different preferences -- and different route preferences in different seasons and different situations.

The routes that Sharon and I have fun riding together again and again are listed on Our Favorites

Where can I see a list of all the routes? 

Go to the list of all the routes, sorted by county. 

Or try the list of all routes by difficulty category

More . . . 

Parking -- How come some of the route descriptions do not say where to park my car? 

Because where to park a vehicle is often a complicated thing, about which many drivers have different approaches, and many local residents and businesses have different opinions, laws, and unwritten local conventions.  See Parking

Bike Shops -- What are some bike shops near my location? 

Try our list of Bike Shops

Where can I rent a bicycle when I visit the Hudson Valley? 

Try our list of rentals.  So far it's a short list.  Keep in mind that the Hudson valley is not like many countries in Europe where you could hope to rent a bicycle at any major train station. 

Mountain Biking -- What about off-road riding in the Hudson valley?

We're leaving the serious mountain biking for somebody else's website.  But for some ideas for gentle off-road riding, see Places for Families with Children

Actually when we started out riding, it was on mountain bikes, on trails and unpaved roads.  Then we started to wander onto the public roads a little.  Then we tried slick tires, and life hasn't been the same since.  Our feeling now is that the great road routes of the Hudson valley (see Favorites) are clearly superior to most of the mountain bike paths around here.  We use knobby tires only when we travel to other regions.

We rode all the routes on this website using 26-inch wheels with slick tires like Specialized Fat Boy 1.25-inch.  Our advice to folks with mountain bikes in the Hudson valley:  Take a course or at least read a book on how to ride effectively on the public paved roads along with the cars and trucks (see Links).  The risks of riding on the public paved roads are real and serious, but those risks can be evaluated in light of a wider range of strategies and techniques. 

Then decide if you can handle those risks.  If Yes, first learn and practice some of the concepts and skills described in some of the Resources.  Then mount slick tires on your mountain bike (you might also need thinner wheels) and try out some of the routes on this website.  Try riding with a club.  Also try out some of the descents on this website, and see what a difference slick tires makes.  If No, then keep on enjoying mountain biking. 

Long-distance Touring -- I'm planning a multi-day tour that passes through the Hudson Valley -- what are some route ideas and other info? 

Try our page on Long Distance Touring through the Hudson Valley


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