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Post a message to a discussion group:

- - bikeMH for the Bear Mountain Bridge and up thru the Mid-Hudson area and north to Albany.

- - NYC.bicycles for New York City and north to the Bear Mt Bridge and Storm King Mt Highway.

We are more likely to respond to you, and to respond in more detail and more quickly, if you post your message to one of these discussion groups.  Because more people can benefit from our response on a discussion group -- and then you might get even better responses from other experienced riders.

Things you might want to say 

about this Bike Hudson Valley website . . . 

  • Give us a correction or improvement for a route on this website. 
  • Suggest an idea for improving this website, or a link to another site we can add. 

about bicycling in the Hudson Valley . . . 

  • Rides or groups you enjoy -- or about a great route, or a fun area for exploring which you enjoy. 
  • Ask a question about bicycling in the Hudson Valley. 

Unless you specifically request us not to, we normally will post your question to one of the Bike Mid-Hudson or NYC.bicycles discussion groups -- so that you can get answers from various other riders, not just us.  For this we will not include your E-mail address, but we will include your name or E-mail "From" identifier,  unless you also supply a different identifier and specifically tell us to use that instead. 


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