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        Ken Roberts and Sharon Marsh Roberts

When we're not out riding on our tandem bicycle, we put a lot of our time and energy into leading projects for large corporations, especially new kinds of needs related to financial systems.

In the summer and fall we do lots of bicycling in the Hudson valley.  Although Ken grew up in Dutchess county from when he was four years old, he didn't ride his bike much more than five miles from home.  It was only as an adult that he discovered serious bicycle touring and the wonderful possibilities for it the Hudson valley, as a weekend visitor.  

We also ride in the Lehigh valley area in eastern Pennsylvania where Sharon grew up.  Sometimes we've taken our tandem further away for a few days, like to the Finger Lakes or Adirondacks, or central Pennsylvania or Vermont. Interesting explorations, but we find that they usually confirm for us how wonderful it is to ride in the Hudson valley. We have taken several bicycling vacations over in Europe, where we have found some riding better than around here -- but as soon as we get back we want to get out and ride in the Hudson valley, and it's still great fun for us.

And then there's winter and spring.  In those seasons we focus our recreational time on skiing:  cross-country, "backcountry" skiing, and some lift-served downhill. 

See our website on Hudson Valley skiing . When in the Hudson valley, our skiing is mostly on groomed cross-country trails. "Backcountry" means that we explore snow terrain without groomed trails, and climb up and ski (or snowboard) down snowy mountains with no help from lifts.  For a small taste of this, see our backcountry ski pages.  Except on special winter days with good snow, we do this outside the Hudson valley, often in the western U.S., Canada, and Europe -- and especially when the mountains get warm and friendly in April and May.  (So in many years our Hudson valley bicycling season doesn't get started seriously until late May or June.)

Weekdays we are usually based in a condo in New Jersey, which puts us near to work on projects for big corporations in the metro New York area.  It's also not far from Newark Liberty airport, which conveniently takes us to some of the great mountain skiing/climbing and bicycling regions of Europe and North America.

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