Favorite Partners and Supporters

Ken Roberts and Sharon Marsh Roberts

Fellow Explorers

  • Tony -- We first met in school with the goal of mountain climbing together.  Tony got us started taking road bicycle tours seriously, and joined us from the beginning of our explorations in Dutchess and Ulster counties.  We introduced him to backcountry skiing, and for years we've done climbing and skiing trips together all over North America.   There are few routes on this site which Tony hasn't ridden with us at least once.
  • Greg -- who introduced us to many interesting roads in northern Dutchess and southern Columbia county.  He has joined us lately for some far-flung explorations, even up to Rensselaer county.
  • Julie -- whose encouragement brightened several of our bicycling days, and who organized the wonderful Rhinebeck-Woodstock rides.  Alas she recently left the Hudson valley for Vermont.
  • Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club -- the best promoters of road bicycling in the mid-Hudson valley, and who introduced us -- and keep introducing us -- to many fun partners and rides. 

Special appreciation for the route-makers and organizers of the one MHBC Red Hook / Columbia County century.  It was a fine introduction to the club, and to some wonderful roads that inspired us to years of exploration of Columbia county, and then other counties north of Dutchess and Ulster.


  • Stan and Jenny -- encouraged Ken in his earliest road bike explorations in the Hudson valley, and then took us out for one of our first mountain bike tours.  They've often provided a fine weekend base for us in the middle of the region, and continue to exemplify the spirit of exploring new terrain and sharing it with new partners.
  • Brian -- introduced us to serious mountain bike exploration, and taught us lots about bicycle riding and equipment -- which gave us the confidence to start trying out our own tours on the roads, though that took us away from his love of rail trails.

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