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How to contact us

Send us Email at

Things you might want to report 

  • Your experience of riding a route on this website:  Things you found along the way, problems with road conditions, new variations you tried, suggestions for future riders -- or a link to your photos. 
  • The status of a road or bridge in the Hudson Valley. 
  • Other helpful stuff:  An interesting sequence of roads you tried.  Closure of a bridge or road.  A new source of bicycling information.  

What we do with your report

  • Sometimes we put part or all of your report out publicly on the Bike Hudson Valley website or on a public or private discussion or "bulletin board" or newsgroup on the Internet. 

When you send us this report, we normally assume that you are giving us permission to put your words out publicly.

So if you intend part or all of your report not to be made public -- be sure to tell us very clearly. 

  • Sometimes we do minor editing of a report or omit parts of it when using it publicly.  Often we are glad to learn from it ourselves, but we do not have time to make it public.

If you want to be sure your report is made available to the wider bicycle-riding community, or you want to be sure that all your own words are communicated, then we suggest that you post it to one of these discussion groups:

- - bikeMH for the Bear Mountain Bridge and up thru the Mid-Hudson area and north to Albany.

- - NYC.bicycles for New York City and north to the Bear Mt Bridge and Storm King Mt Highway.

  • We are grateful for your report -- and we like to know who to be grateful to -- so we appreciate you including your name. 
  • But you might not want your full name to be made public -- even if you are glad to see your report made public.  So please tell us what identifier you would like us to use with the public text of your report.  You deserve credit for your full name, but we normally only show the first name on the website -- unless you ask for your full name (and perhaps other info about you).  Or you can request us to use some "handle" that's not your name at all.
  • We like to have an E-mail address -- so that we can ask a question about your report -- or just say Thanks. 

Send us a Report now

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