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This page has reports we've received about road conditions in the Hudson Valley -- especially for roads which are included in the routes on this website.

Of course this website cannot give you what would be most useful:  fully accurate and current information, for all the road segments on the route you plan to ride -- as they will be when you plan to ride it (like three days in the future). 

We can include here information for only those road segments that we or someone who tells us has ridden in the past year or so -- and that leaves a lot of time for things to change, and a lot of other road segments not reported.

So be ready for surprises.  It's valuable to bring road maps to help you find alternative routes that avoid unexpected bad or risky conditions.

And please send us a report when you learn about road conditions which it would help us and other bicyclists to know about.

Where to find out

Clearly with all the roads and bridges and paths on this Bike Hudson Valley website, many sources of information would be needed to have any reasonable chance of learning about current conditions along a bicycle route. 

Warning:  The websites of public road and bridge authorities often omit information which is critical to bicyclists.  If your trip or event would really be messed up by a road or bridge being unexpectedly closed to bicyclists, then actually give the authority for that road a phone call.

And even then, it's usually good to confirm that information with knowledgeable local bicyclists.

Here are some sites to try:

Road construction -- Region 8 -- Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, Westchester

Road construction -- Region 1 -- Albany, Greene, Rensselaer, etc.

Often there are some messages about conditions of roads, paths, and bridges. 

Ask a question about conditions -- must join the group to post a message. 

  • NYC.bicycles discussion group -- not just New York City -- often has discussion of conditions in the southern Hudson Valley below the Bear Mountain Bridge. 

[ Please send us a report about conditions you see. ]

East side of the Hudson River

see East side of the River condition reports 

West side of the Hudson River -- Reports

see West side of the River condition reports 

Bridges -- Reports 

see Bridges + River crossings condition reports


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