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This page has reports we've received about road conditions in the Hudson Valley -- especially for roads which are included in the routes on this website.

Of course this website cannot give you what would be most useful:  fully accurate and current information, for all the road segments on the route you plan to ride -- as they will be when you plan to ride it (like three days in the future). 

We can include here information for only those road segments that we or someone who tells us has ridden in the past year or so -- and that leaves a lot of time for things to change, and a lot of other road segments not reported.

So be ready for surprises.  It's valuable to bring road maps to help you find alternative routes that avoid unexpected bad or risky conditions.

And please send us a report when you learn about road conditions which it would help us and other bicyclists to know about.

Where to find out

Clearly with all the roads and bridges and paths on this Bike Hudson Valley website, many sources of information would be needed to have any reasonable chance of learning about current conditions along a bicycle route. 

Warning:  The websites of public road and bridge authorities often omit information which is critical to bicyclists.  If your trip or event would really be messed up by a road or bridge being unexpectedly closed to bicyclists, then actually give the authority for that road a phone call.

And even then, it's usually good to confirm that information with knowledgeable local bicyclists.

Here are some sites to try:

Road construction -- Region 8 -- Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, Westchester

Road construction -- Region 1 -- Albany, Greene, Rensselaer, etc.

Often there are some messages about conditions of roads, paths, and bridges. 

Ask a question about conditions -- must join the group to post a message. 

  • NYC.bicycles discussion group -- not just New York City -- often has discussion of conditions in the southern Hudson Valley below the Bear Mountain Bridge. 

[ Please send us a report about conditions you see. ]

East side of the Hudson River -- Reports

New York City

see New York City road condition reports 

Westchester County 

see Reports for bicycling in Westchester County 

Westchester County Trailways 

North County Trailway, South County Trailway.  See separate pages on 

Reports on Westchester County Trailways 

Reports on riding Combining Roads and Trailways

Putnam County 

June 2000, Ken Roberts:  Route 9D in Putnam County is in good condition (on route Bear Mt - Newburgh-Beacon Loop), mostly smooth pavement, even in the West shoulder (which is the side we were riding on (the East shoulder seemed pretty good too, the times we looked over there).  But don't be lulled into complacency by the smoothness of the pavement -- there's still the occasionally downed tree branch which you do not want to tangle with. 

Putnam County Trailway

see separate pages on 

Reports on Putnam County Trailway 

Reports on riding Combining Roads and Trailway

Dutchess County

Rhinecliff: DC Rt 85 / Morton Rd

KenR, June 2004: Still two short sections of dirt and gravel marked Under Construction, but it does not look like any construction or re-paving is actually happening.

John, September 2003:  Rhinecliff:  Dutchess County Rt 85 / Morton Rd closed to thru traffic from September 23 to October 31, 2003.  (on these routes: Rhinebeck to Tivoli, Mid-Hudson / Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge loop)


May 2004, KenR:  Route 9D on the South end of the city of Beacon is still in pretty rough shape for about a mile, until just north of the city border -- both the shoulders and the main road lanes.  Before 2000 our route (Bear Mt - Newburgh-Beacon Loop) used to avoid this section with an alternate Fishkill Creek bridge, but in 2000 that bridge was blocked off. 

June 2000, KenR:  The abandoned bridge over Fishkill Creek in the city of Beacon (near Newlins Mill, Grandview, and Slocum roads) has now been thoroughly blockaded against bicycle access -- at least by anybody like the folks we normally ride with.  So now our route has been changed to follow Route 9D instead.  (on route Bear Mt - Newburgh-Beacon Loop)

Separate Rd near Millbrook -- The 2-mile section of Separate Rd which runs North from Bangall-Amenia Rd has now been paved.  It used to be dirt.  [October 1999 -- Ken Roberts] (on route Hills and Farms of NE Dutchess County).

Northeast Dutchess:  see also trip reports for these routes:

  - Hills and Horse Farms of NE Dutchess County  
  - Amenia - Millerton -- Rail Trail and Roads 
  - Harlem Valley Rail to Millerton to Connecticut 
  - Harlem Valley Rail to Trail to Falls 

Southeast Dutchess (and Fairfield county, Connecticut):  see

  - Quaker Ridge trip reports 

see also the Trip Reports index

Columbia County

April 2003:  Heard from Mary that the bridge on Columbia Co Rt 21 just east of Kinderhook is open for riding again.  (On routes:  Wandering Northwest Columbia, Grand Tour of Columbia County).

September 2002, Ken Roberts:  Bridge on Columbia Co Rt 21 just east of Kinderhook closed for construction.  The bridge section over the main creek channel is complete, but the other more "occasional" part of the creek is unbridged. (On routes:  Wandering Northwest Columbia, Grand Tour of Columbia County).

September 2002, Ken Roberts:  Some gravel from road re-surfacing on the lower section of Hunt Rd (On routes:  Farms and Hills of Southeast Columbia, Grand Tour of Columbia County, variation of Roeliff Jansen Kill). 

Berkshire County, MA

Mt Greylock climb, Rockwell Rd 

On route:  Up, Down, and Around Mt Greylock. 

September 2000, Ken Roberts:  Some potholes, rough pavement.  Need to be careful, especially on the descent.  It seemed worse than last year -- the descent could become a hazard and a bother, if it gets much worse.  

For more recent information, you could try calling the Mt Greylock State Reservation at 413-499-4262. 


[ Please send us a report about conditions you see. ]

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