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Eric, May 2007bridge

The Wire Rd bridge is now completed.

Sue, July 2006

I did the Livingston Orchards + Farms route today and found that Wire Road is no longer passable to Rte. 10- as you can see in the photo. We detoured by climbing the hill back up to Dales Bridge, taking that south to Rte 33 and then a right for a short stint on Rte 9G- exactly where that giant descent and ascent are over the Roeloff Jansen Kill. Midway up the hill we took a right back onto Rte 10 and took up Variation C in reverse, turning off at White Birch.

see also:  Report about Wire Rd bridge still waiting for repairs on the Reports page for Roeliff Jansen Kill route.

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Leigh, August 2006

Wire Rd (OOPS! No bridge!) It is being rebuilt. Probably out for the rest of 2006.

They had removed completely the old bridge, were about to pour cement for the pier for the south side of the bridge and are doing earth moving for the north side. The bank is way to steep to even consider fording it.

Joel, April 2004:

Here is an update for The Livingston Orchards and Farms ride. As of today 4/29/04, there are signs indicating road closed and bridge out on Wire Road. The bridge is closed to auto traffic, but a cyclist can get through without even dismounting or endangering his tires. I do not know what the work schedule is.

August 2002, Ken Roberts

As part of a longer tour, Sharon and I rode the route including Variation C (except for the section of County Rt 10 between County Rt 31 and Rt 9 and County Rt 19).  We started early before the heat got too bad.  It was beautiful and I took some pictures. 

Roads on the main route were in good condition.  But on Variation C, Columbia County Rt 14 had a bridge missing (under construction / repair) between Country Rt 31 and Howe Rd.  Fortunately we were able to walk our bikes on the dirt around the end of the water and continue the route.  Also, there was fresh gravel on White Birch Rd. 

July 2001, Ken Roberts:  

I did the route with variations A, B, C on rollerskis (Jenex Nordix Classic, which unlike many rollerskis have both adjustable resistance and an active brake).  The roads were in good condition, and the whole tour was as beautiful as ever.

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Story of this Route 

Ken's story:  Sharon and I first rode some of these roads on our first ride with the Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club -- the club's big annual ride.  That year it started in Red Hook on a fine day in September and went north into Columbia county.  Somewhere during the first half of the ride was a particularly beautiful view out over the orchards for miles.  

As a result of that ride, Sharon and I kept coming back to Columbia county to explore more there.  And most times we tried to make up a larger route which would include that particular view.  But somehow between mis-remembering from the past and mis-navigating in the present, we kept missing it for several times.

Finally we found that view, and afterward made a point of including it in most of our large route explorations (like Grand Tour of Columbia County and Roeliff Jansen Kill).  But those routes are long and have lots of hills.

We thought folks should be able to enjoy the pretty view as part of a shorter route with less hills.  So we selected these roads.  Then I tried them out as a route by themselves -- and they worked.

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