2004 Reports on Putnam County Trailway

December 2004, email from Mark:

Continuous path ride from Carmel trail-head (by Seminary Hill Road, in Carmel Village, across the street from that Co-op complex and next to the good family-style Chinese restaurant) to Carmel Town Hall/PD/Justice Court in Mahopac. After that, it appears to be a wide shoulder shared with Route 6 to connect with the rest of the path to Westchester. All bridges are done, but one of the bridges still has construction materials stored on it (it is passable though).

May 2004, Ken on NYC.bicycles:

Sharon and I explored the Putnam county Trailway over the weekend, and found that a couple more miles have been paved. The new pavement is from Croton Falls Rd (near Mahopac) to Drewville Rd (on the way toward Carmel). The surface was mostly in excellent condition. And we saw a nice new bridge high over Drewville Rd still under construction. This section is connected with the previous section near Mahopac by about 0.3 miles in the (reasonably wide) shoulder of Route 6 (high-volume vehicle traffic).

So now there's about 5 miles of Trailway completed from its southwest end at the Putnam County south border by Baldwin Place to Drewville Rd. I don't know about any parking at Drewville Rd. Sharon dropped me off there and drove away, and then I had to hike up a steep hillside carrying my rollerskis to get to the Trailway pavement -- it would be pretty tough to get a bicycle up that slope. Seemed like some people were parking near Mud Pond Rd.

Further east on the Trailway , some sections between Drewville Rd and Sheffield Hill Rd by Rt 6 at Carmel are unpaved, and a couple of bicyclists told us they had to turn back when the trail ran into a creek with no bridge over it.

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