2005 and later Reports on Putnam County Trailway

Will, July 2010:

Rode the trail from its current terminus at Old Mine Road down into Westchester and back. Wonderful gorgeous trail!! Note:

1. Old Mine Road to Putnam Av. not done yet, so start at Old Mine road.

2. This site: http://www.putnamcountyny.com/planning/files/Putnam%20Bike%20path%20brochure%20&%20map.pdf says: "Please note: No parking on Old Mine Road; please use the new parking lot on Tilly Foster Road." I found no parking lot on Tilly Foster Rd, but there was plenty of unofficial parking just on the roadside. Maybe I just didnt look far enough.

Phil, July 2007:

Rode the trail from Rockerfeller estate to Carmel . . . The trail is open beyond Carmel. You no longer have to ride on Rt 6 in Mahopac. The trail is finished in that section.

Don W, December 2006: sent Email about the Mt Hope Rd to Croton Falls Rd section:

I was just there today and this section is no longer on the road. The trail goes past various back yards but it is completely off road from Baldwin Place to Carmel. BTW the trail still ends at Seminary Road, just in case there was a question.

Stephen, November 2005:

We (husband, wife, and 11 year old son) rode the trail from the Rt. 118 parking lot (South end) to its current Northern Terminus at Seminary Hill Road. There are about 10 spaces in a small dirt parking area near the shopping center. Trail is in very good condition.

The early part of the trail has a few slight ups and downs as it passes some suburban backyards and the backs of a few commercial districts. Once in the middle of the trail, the route moves farther back from the road, through some nice wooded areas, past Lake Mahopac, Lake Casse and then Lake Gleneida on its way to the North Terminus. We didn't stop at Lake Mahopac but it looks like a great spot for lunch. There's a short stint where the trail goes onto the shoulder of Rt. 6, but it's wide enough to be safe and visibility is good.

The Northern part features a fairly long gradual descent, so be aware that you'll do a little more climbing on your way South. But don't be deterred - it's a nice path and the grade is quite reasonable; just take your time.

Paul, May 2005:

Rode the Putnam Trail today. The Northern Terminus is now on Seminary Hill Road @ Glenida Court. Except for a small stretch on the wide shoulder of Route 6 in Mahopac, the trail is totally off road and mostly on the original right of way of the Old Putnam Division RR.

David, April 2005:

What a delight! We set out from Yorktown Heights on Saturday for a beautiful ride along the North County Trailway. While I had taken the trailway to Baldwin Place before, we elected to continue on to Carmel after hearing that it was open. While in Croton Falls there is a stretch along the highway which was not the most scenic, north of Croton Falls into Carmel was beautiful. With roaring brooks, riding along the old South Putt right of way was a great ride. We stopped for lunch in Carmel and headed back to Yorktown. Three weeks earlier I had led a ride from Hastings to Elmsford on the South County Trailway and linked up to the North County Trailway by Sam's Club. Now I know I can ride from Hastings all the way to Carmel on Trailways, but for a 1 mile stretch stretch in Elmsford. I hope they link it!

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