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Tim, September 2007:

I did this ride yesterday. A lovely ride.

The website is a great resource.

I believe that there is an error at 14 miles in Variation D. The turn from Budds Corners Road to Gurski should be a right turn.

[ KenR replies: Thanks, I fixed that turn on the cue sheet. ]

Allan, October 2006:

I did the Rhinebeck to Tivoli route yesterday starting at the intersection of Mill and Morton Rd. in Rhinebeck. I cut the route short by turning right on Broadway in Tivoli-- a variation on the map but not in the cue sheet. This is CR78 and there is a formidable hill just east of 9G.

There is a short detour to see the Bard College Fisher Performing Arts building-- turn left onto Robbins Rd. just as you're leaving the Bard Campus area. Continuing on the road returns you to CR 103. It's worth the extra 1/4 mile.

Jim, June 2005:

We had a great time & it's a very nice course, which was more rural & relaxing than I anticipated on the drive in. We camped at the Millie-Norris State Park and we were surprised to get reservations so close to our planned outing. In addition, the campground never filled up. We'll probably try another ride from your site, since this one turned out to be such a good time.

Joel, April 2005:

1. On the Rhinebeck-Tivoli ride, the bridge on Kipp road is closed off by barriers. My daughter and I had no problems hefting our bikes over ther birdge, but if there were bridge work actually being done this might not be practical. One could, of course go a little further north on 9G and take Broadway (county Rd 78) into Tivoli.

2. Freeborn road was open (at least the gates were) and was quite passable despite recent heavy rains.

Glen, July 2004:  Moved to Dutchess County recently, and had a great time trying out one of your routes -- Rhinebeck to Tivoli. A really nice route -- thanks!

Couple minor updates:

At mile 15.5 the name of the road is Kidd Road (typo lists it as Kipp Road)

At mile 21.2, Freeborn Road is open at this writing, and appears to stay open (I didn't see any signs that the gate has been closed recently). The road is hard packed dirt -- fine for any bike, except those with custom-made carbon fiber rims, who will whine about it!

[ KenR replies: Thanks, I fixed the Kidd Rd name. ]

September 2003:  see condition reports on DC Rt 85 / Morton Rd near Rhinecliff.

April 2002, Ken Roberts:  Sharon and I did the route without the Rhinecliff start.  After a light lunch in the deli in the old church in Tivoli, we experimented by trying some other roads in Tivoli (in between Broadway and CC Rt 6), which took us to Rt 9G just across from Lasher Rd -- very nice.  Then on Lasher Rd we were stopped by a bridge missing (but with construction equipment around for repairs).  So we turned around and took Rt 9G South and climbed the big hill on Kerleys Corners Rd.  Between the top of the hill and the turn-off for Guski Rd we discovered the farm with the variety of animals that I had been looking for on some previous trips. 

We didn't feel the need for a snack when we got to Red Hook, but we decided to explore some alternate streets to avoid spending so much time on high-traffic West Market Street.  This worked well, and we continued on to Rhinebeck. 

Just as we entered Rhinebeck we tried one more exploration, which was nice but took us in the wrong direction.  So we turned around and went back to rejoin the route and finish in Rhinebeck.  A very pleasant first ride of the season.

July 2001, Ken Roberts:  I did the whole route except for the Rhinecliff start on rollerskis (Jenex Nordicx Classic, which unlike many rollerskis have both adjustable resistance and an active brake).  The roads were in good condition, and the whole tour was fun.  But it seemed that River Rd had both more low-visibility curves and more traffic than I remembered from previous trips.

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