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Mae's Tivoli - Germantown loop

Joel, May 2004:

Ruth and I just rode the Tivoli Germantown ride. All was as stated (a beautiful ride) without problems or changes.

September 2003, Ken:

I enjoyed the whole route on inline skates instead of a bicycle.  No problems.  The section of Woods Rd in Columbia county which is north of county Rt 6 had coarser pavement than most of the other roads.  A delightful tour.

May 2003, Ken

As part of a Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club ride led by Joe and Leigh Toth, Sharon and I rode all of the route except Stony Brook Rd and the west part of Lasher Rd.  The roads were in good condition, and it was a pretty and quiet as last year.

Story of this route 

Ken's story -- August 2002:  

Sharon and Lisa and 5-year-old Ani and 8-year-old Mae started out in Tivoli on a sunny summer weekday.  We all started out riding together.  Ani was riding a Burley Piccolo "trailer-cycle" -- on a "third wheel" attached to one of our adult bikes.  Mae was on her own bike with no gears.  We started with what's now Variation A to see the farm.  After two or three miles, I turned around and rode back to Tivoli, then drove one of our cars up to Germantown, then rode south on Columbia County Route 35 -- and met everybody having a picnic lunch on the side of the road.  

After the picnic, we rode north on CC Rt 35 to its end at Route 9G -- the first half of the route now on the sheet.  And that was the end of the ride for most of our party. 

But there wasn't enough room in the one car and rear rack for all our bicycles and bodies.  So Sharon and Lisa and Ani drove back to Tivoli with their bikes to the other car -- and Mae took over the trailer-cycle.

Mae said she was interested to try a different route back, even though it would be longer.  I wasn't sure exactly what the route should be, so we tried out what is now the second half of the route on the cue sheet on the Viewmont road. 

And it worked great with me on my bike and Mae attached on the Burley Piccolo trailer-cycle.  Once we got through the short section on Routes 9G and 8 through Germantown, the rest was very pleasant riding with very little traffic.  And then we got back to Tivoli to meet everybody else at the cars.

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