Sep-2001 report on North County Trailway

Westchester County Trailways 

hannah on NYC.bicycles newsgroup: 

This weekend I rode from NYC to the South County Trail in Yonkers, took it the six miles up to Elmsford, and then rode another couple of miles to the North County Trailway. I followed this three miles to the "discontinuity" that has prevented the NCT from being an uninterrupted 24-mile ride. The good news is that they're clearly working on fixing the discontinuity--there was evidence of much bulldozing and grading (and much idle construction equipment). The bad news is that the work in progress is even harder to get around that it was before they started work. I had to walk my bike behind concrete barriers across large rocks, and then, balancing on the rocks, lift it over the barrier--not easy. Once I came to wear the trail resumes, up a short grassy hill from the road, it was harder than it used to be to get back up to it due to growth of bushes and tall grasses. From here it was smooth sailing for the rest of the ride, and despite the lovely weekend weather the various trails were never crowded. On the SCT I probably saw fewer than 20 people in six miles. At what used to be the end of the NCT, in Baldwin Place, the trail continued 1.9 miles, ending at the intersection of Bucks Hollow Rd. and Rt. 6 in Mahopac (Putnam County). I don't know the name of this new section but would imagine it's something different given that it's in a different county. Despite the obstacles, this is a great ride, not least because it's far removed from traffic much of the time. Wildflowers are blooming in many places along the trail, and I saw the first hints of fall foliage. Everyone should check it out! 

Sep-21-01 update from hannah on NYC.bicycles newsgroup: 

I spoke to a friend of mine about the trails, and he said he'd recently noticed construction at the southern end of the Eastview section (where it turns toward Tarrytown Lakes). He investigated and found a paved trail for about 1/2 mile south, and then a rocky right of way continuing farther (he did not check how far). This is the construction that will eventually link North and South (and that I didn't see two weeks ago).

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