Report on North County Trailway

July-2002 :: North County Trailway conditions

Ken Roberts reports: 

The pavement was mostly in good shape.  The "missing link" is no longer missing. 

by section, south to north: 

- - Eastview to Pleasantville Rd:  The southern end of the pavement is about 0.2 miles south from Eastview.  Felt some roughness just north of Eastview.  The old "missing link" somewhere between Eastview at Rt 100C and Rt 117 is all fixed now.  I did see some signs still announcing the missing link. But in fact I rode on a nice paved trail, separate from any roads, between Eastview and Rt 117.  I did not cross any driveways or streets in this section.  I don't remember any big hills. 

- - Pleasantville Rd to Route 120 :  Lots of riding on the shoulder of Route 100, often with a guard rail or fence between me and the motor vehicle traffic, but sometimes not.  A little north of Pleasantville Rd, I had to cross over the lanes of Route 100 with high-speed traffic in both directions, and there was at least one place where I had to cross an entrance-exit ramp.  Looking at the route in the south-bound direction, it appeared to me that there were three crossings of Route 100 (some perhaps avoidable) and/or two crossings of entrance-exit ramps.  There were also crossings of other roads with cars and other motor vehicle traffic.  I don't remember any big hills in this section. 

- - Route 120 to Croton Reservoir : Mostly downhill for me going north-bound (so in the south-bound direction it would be a long uphill climb).  I don't remember crossing any road, but perhaps I crossed a driveway or two. 

- - Croton Reservoir to Yorktown Heights : The bridge over the Croton Reservoir was in excellent condition.  Most of the way for me going north-bound was uphill, steeper than anything else I've seen on the other paved sections of Trailway.  Then it got gentler near Yorktown Heights.  I think I remember multiple crossings of roads and/or driveways in this section. 

- - Yorktown Heights to Baldwin Place : I remember two more uphills going north-bound.  There were several crossings of roads, perhaps also driveways, in this section. 

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