Report on South County Trailway

July-2002 :: South County Trailway conditions

Ken Roberts reports: 


The pavement was mostly in good shape.  Pleasant riding, no significant hills. 

by section, south to north: 

- - south of Farragut Ave :  Paved all the way from Barney St, which is currently the south end of this Trailway.  We crossed one road:  Tompkins St. 

- - between Farragut Ave and Route 119 :  The pavement was continuous and mostly in good condition.  To connect from the southern trail section or from the Farragut Ave parking lot requires crossing Farragut Ave.  Between Farragut Ave and Route 119 the trailway crosses a road (Lawrence St, about 1.5 miles North from Farragut Ave) and two driveways (one just north of Lawrence St, one just south of Route 119).  So there's about 4 miles with no crossing between those two driveways.  

- - between Route 119 and Warehouse Lane :  We did not ride this section.  See previous reports. 

- - between Warehouse Lane and Eastview / Route 100C :  The bridge across Route 100C is in good condition, and the trail is paved for about 0.2 miles south from Eastview.  We did not ride the rest of this section.  See previous reports.  

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