May-2002 report on North County Trailway

Westchester County Trailways 

Andrew of NY Metro Area Recumbent Society sent us this E-mail: 

I've been scoping out Internet resources about the Westchester North
County Trailway. Much has changed in the six months or so since
you've updated your site. 

I just drove past it on my lunch hour. I've also ridden the full length of it
twice this year, so I have some new info for you:

1) As this is written, the "missing link" section between Eastview and
Pleasantville has been ballasted and has workers actively engaged on
it. This information is three hours old. I estimate that paving will be
complete within two to three weeks.

2) A 2.5 mile stretch at the north end of the trail is complete, extending it
up into Putman County. From the looks of the trail head up there, it's
unlikely there will be further extension of the trail northwards.

3) At Eastview, there is a bridge that goes across Rt. 100C. Last year
this bridge was not paved. It has now been completed.

4) The section south of Eastview is still unpaved. Heading south
across the bridge lets you ride maybe 1/5 mile before you have to turn
around, so it's not really worthwhile unless you intend to head further
south on the unpaved section.

I've created a detailed page about the Trailway on our bike club site,
including driving directions. Feel free to link to it if you like: 

North Country Trailway

NY Metro Area Recumbent Society

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