2003 Reports on South County Trailway

October 2003, Joe on NYC.bicycles(in reply to Ken's report below about the section between Warehouse Lane and Eastview)

I ran into the construction crew while they were working on it a few weeks ago. The job foreman told me they were going to pave all the way to Warehouse Lane. He said they would be paving to Ridgwood Rd in a couple of days, which they did. He said they were clearing trees, brush and grading from Ridgewood to Warehouse Lane . Then paving would follow. The clearing and grading are now done.

September 2003, Ken on NYC.bicycles:

Fresh pavement in the section between Warehouse Lane and Eastview Park & Ride:

The new pavement now extends south from Rt 100C at Eastview as far as Ridgewood Drive. Further South from Ridgewood Drive toward Warehouse Lane it looked like dirt, perhaps under construction -- I didn't check it.

I'm not sure this section is actually open: The access from Ridgewood Dr was free and unobstructed, but I did not see the usual official sign I remember from other access points for the Westchested County Trailways.  The fresh smooth pavement was covered by lots of fallen twigs, like hardly anybody's been on it. Just before I got to Eastview, I ran into something like a chain-link fence blocking the whole way. But there was a neatly cut hole on its west side, so I went thru that. When I looked back at the other side of that fence, I saw a sign that said something like This entrance closed, Use other entrance -- which is what I had done, but I'm still not sure what it all meant. And I didn't see mention of this beautiful new paving work on the official web page.

May 2003, Ken Roberts

Sharon and Tony and I rode from the south end at Barney St up to where the path meets Rt 119 / Tarrytown Rd.  The pavement was mostly in good shape.  Pleasant riding, no significant hills. 

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