2004 Reports on Westchester County Trailways

Ken, May 2004:

Paving is now complete from Eastview Park & Ride south to Warehouse Lane in Elmsford.

On a beautiful cool day over Memorial Day weekend, I rolled on all of North County Trailway (from the northern County boundary at Baldwin Place to Eastview and Warehouse Lane) and on all of South County Trailway (from Eastview and Elmsford to Barney St in northern Yonkers).  I had to roll on the public streets for a mile to cover the gap between Warehouse Lane and Rt 119 - Tarrytown Rd in Elmsford (see reports on connecting streets).

The whole way I was on rollerskis (like inline skates but with cross-country ski boots).  Sharon dropped me off at the north in Putnam county (see Reports), and drove down and parked near Hearst St in Yonkers by the south end of the Trailways. 

Most of the pavement on the Trailways was in good condition, though of course there were a few ridges and ruts.  Surprisingly few rocks and tree branches lying on the Trailways.

Food stops

Along the way I made two nice food stops at Yorktown Heights and Elmsford.  One thing nice about the Trailways are the number of possible food stops nearby.  Some of the ones I noticed, north to south:

  • Yorktown Heights: coffee shop with outdoor tables, northwest of trailway from crossing at Hanover St / Commerce St.
  • Millwood: deli, west of trailway from crossing of Rt 120
  • Millwood: supermarket visible to northwest side
  • Elmsford: bakery-gelato, deli, Mexican + Indian groceries, restaurants on Tarrytown Rd / Rt 119 within a block of Trailway.
  • Woodland Lake park: picnic tables by the lake and drink vending machines
  • north Yonkers: deli on Hearst St, one block south and three blocks west of south end of Trailway at Barney St.

It was fun. 

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